T-Rex Car Decal

Your Stick Family Was Delicious Decal
Your Stick Family Was Delicious T-Rex Car Decal – to express how you really feel about those stick figure family stickers. Stick this on your rear window and be endlessly amused by watching reactions ranging from raucous laughter to sheer terror of other drivers in your rear-view mirror.
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Batman Taillight Vinyl Sticker

Give your ride a bit of bat love with the Batman taillight vinyl stickers. The bat logo will be the only part that will illuminate whenever you apply the brakes while you’re cruising around Gotham City. The set includes 3 different size vinyl stickers: 3″, 4″, and 5″.

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Objects in Mirror are Losing Decal

This decal will turn even the simplest of errands into an excuse to race. It will be a constant reminder that everyone behind you is losing and eating your dust, except for those jerks in front of you that need to be overtaken (I jest, always drive safely).

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Underwear for Your Hands

Do your hands feel naked under those gloves? Are you tired of your pinky and middle fingers dangling all over the place? If your answer is yes, you’re in luck. These tighty-whities are here to save the day. They’ll protect your fingers from chafing, absorbs sweat and will take that “naked” feeling away.

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3D Chocolate T-Rex Building Mold

Anyone who loves building blocks and chocolate will take a liking to the Chocolate Construction T-Rex building mold, as it offers the best of both worlds. Just melt, fill, excavate and construct your own edible, chocolate T-Rex skeleton model.

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Granite T-Rex Skull Beverage Chiller

Granite T-Rex Skull Rocks are a playful piece of equipment to chill down a snifter of liquor and other beverages whenever required. Crafted from genuine granite and meant to chill your drink without diluting or compromising its flavor.

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Crazy Suitcase Stickers

For those that just love attention, these stickers will draw the attention not only from other travelers, but the TSA and law enforcement as well. Just hope for your sake, that the airport security personnel have a sense of humor.

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Yeti Hand Car Ice Scraper

With the Yeti Ice Scraper, you are guaranteed to have the coolest ice scraper on the block. This white fluffy monster glove comes complete with sharp looking claws and will scratch the ice away while keeping your hand warm and toasty.

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T-Rex Skull Shower Head

Get clean with some prehistoric style with this dinosaur T-Rex skull shower nozzle and your awful smell after a long day’s work will become extinct. Awesome home decor item will be a sure fire hit for any dinosaur fan. T-Rex says “Get clean, or get eaten, Rawrrrr!”

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Mini Macbook Air Compact Mirror

The tiny MacBook air mirror is both genius and hilarious. Most compact mirrors are exclusively designed with a feminine aesthetic in mind. However, this mirror looks good enough for guys to pull out and people will never guess you’re checking for lipstick stains or pimples.

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