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Infinity Gauntlet Mug

Fine. I’ll Pour It Myself. Gain control over the universe and your own drinks with the Infinity War Gauntlet Mug, as it would be beneath you to drink from anything else; when you’re done beating down plebs and ruining civilizations, a cuppa joe is exactly what a Mad Titan needs. Price:
$19.95 (Details)
Cable Bite – Cable Protector

These cable bite animals clip around the charging cord (iPhone only) making it look like they’re chomping on your phone. Not only are they adorable, but they can also help prevent the cord from tearing and snapping from regular use. Price:
$6.00+ (Details)
Madballs – Gross Out Collection

Anyone who grew up in the 80s will remember these fuglies. They’re gross, yucky, and funny. Based off the 1980’s Madballs, they feature designs that are simultaneously disgusting and adorable, making these foam balls a must have for any gross out collection. Price:
$9.99 (Details)
Luchador Bottle Opener

When you can’t make it out to the ring, these Luchador Bottle Openers will bring the passion, strength and color palette of Lucha libre to spar with your favorite drink. They are the ideal solution for wrestling the caps off of beer and soda bottles and makes for an amusing sight gag that will be hard to get tired of. Price:
Pig Shaped Cast-Iron Bacon Press

Say goodbye to unevenly cooked bacon; this heavyweight stout pig lends its porcine shape to flatten bacon strips for fast, even cooking. It’s also great for ham, quesadillas, grilled sandwiches and even as a steak weight. Price:
$9.95 (Details)
This is Fine Plush Dog

This plush is perfect for those that have accepted the popular coffee drinking, hat wearing dog meme as their head-burying ethos to the modern world. He’ll be there to hug whenever you want and will be a reminder that we’re constantly teetering on the edge of disaster. Price:
$25.00 (Details)
Snake Scale Nail Stickers

A collection of nail stickers that are inspired by snakeskin and peacock feathers – drawing inspiration from nature to add a pop of scaly personality to your look. Versatile and fun, these wraps provide a sexy second skin that you won’t want to shed anytime soon. Price:
$16.00+ (Details)
Eye Protection Goggles for Pets

Doggles are nothing more than a pair of goggles designed specifically for dogs; from car rides to beach romping to windy walks, Doggles will protect your dog’s eyes from harm. They don’t just protect your pet’s eyes from wind, debris and UV, but they’ll also make them look like adorable dorks. Price:
$15.93 (Details)
Heart Shaped Sparklers

The heart shaped sparklers are a romantic take on the old item that used to make summertime sizzle. They start burning at the top and slowly burn around the entire heart until the two sparks meet at the bottom and the time is approximately one minute each. Price:
$5.99+ (Details)
Meat Shredding Bear Paws

These meat shredding Bear Paws will turn you into a culinary Edward Scissorhands. After you’ve cooked some meat to tender perfection, the super sharp prongs can easily pull apart pork, chicken, brisket or any other food to the ideal shredded texture. Price:
$12.95 (Details)
Cigarette Shaped Lighter

A realistic looking cigarette style lighter that is the same size as a cigarette – whatever little irony this lighter contains is lost here, but there’s no denying that the idea is rather neat. It uses butane as fuel and can be refilled so you can continue using it as long as you want or until some jerk steals it. Price:
$2.82 (Details)
DUDE Wipes Flushable Wet Wipes

When the office bathroom toilet paper or the dreaded leaves in the woods feels like rubbing your butt with sandpaper, DUDE Wipes come to save the day. You’ll never know what to expect in foreign facilities but with DUDE wipes you’ll be prepared for the worst. Use them on your face, body, and other dude regions too. Price:
$2.98 (Details)