Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard

Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard
Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard
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Inspired by vintage typewriters this mechanical keyboard is the perfect amalgam of past, present and future. Its round mechanical key caps will evoke nostalgia of yesteryear and will look as good in the office as it does in the game room.
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Finger Tapping Keyboard – The Tap

The sounds of fingers drumming on a table may soon become the sound of productivity, rather than the sound of boredom. The Tap appears as a series of connected rings, but is in fact a weareable keyboard that connects to most mobile devices. The device senses fingertips tapping on a surface, which translates these motions into text input.

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Candlestick Phone

Give your home a touch of old world charm with this modern day version of the Candlestick Phone, that’s based off of the original design. A closer look reveals some modern tech: the rotary dial has push button technology and the center medallion serves as a redial button. It’s a beautiful combination of vintage-style and functionality.

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Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

Upgrade from your gaudy plastic keyboard to an all-natural bamboo keyboard that’s both visually pleasing and functional. The wood grain gives it a distinctive look and features a soothing earth-tone to combat the bland traditional color palette of a desktop.

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$47.99 (Details)
Backlit Portable Folding Keyboard

The iClever is a backlit full-size keyboard that folds down to half its size making it the perfect keyboard for travel and mobile devices. Features USB and Bluetooth connectivity that can be toggled with a hotkey, sturdy aluminum case and full size keys.

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Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

While your smartphone may take better pictures, the Poloraid Snap is about having fun with your photography and being able to enjoy your pics – not on a screen. It’s an instant camera that’s equal parts past and present, with a nostalgic trick – printing actual photos – something that your smartphone can’t duplicate.

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Night and Day Mechanical Globe

This isn’t just any traditional globe. The Nigh ‘n Day Mechanical Globe is a visual representation of the earths day/night cycle. It functions as a clock and a calendar. You can easily tell the solar time and date for any location.

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Projection Laser Keyboard

A pocket sized keyboard that you can carry around everywhere. This virtual keyboard can be used with just about any mobile device or PC with Bluetooth capability. This pocket keyboard allows you to transform any flat surface into your personal keyboard, minus transparent surfaces, since you know, lasers.

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A Million Keyboards in One

Every single button on this beautifully designed keyboard is fully customizable, with virtually limitless possibilities of button configurations. From gamers, musicians, designers, typesetters, traders, this keyboard can handle it all.

Artlebedev.com Price:
Mechanical Engagement Ring Box

The mechanical engagement ring box is one of those things where you better be pretty damn sure of the answer before you get. Else you be stuck with a fancy snack dispenser while you wait for your next proposal.