Turn any Pencil to a Catapult

Turn any Pencil to a Catapult
The PenPOW, The high-tech paper-wad slinging device. The PenPOW allows you to catch anyone’s attention from anywhere in the room.
Turn any Pencil to a Catapult
This simple device attaches to any traditional No. 2 pencil, turning it into the ultimate improvised catapult, much to the disapproval of teachers everywhere.
Turn any Pencil to a Catapult
This pocket catapult is sure to provide endless mischief and entertainment for kids or for adults looking for a daily dose of childish fun.
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Celebrate a significant day by turning a front-page story into leisurely fun. This unique puzzle lets you to roll-up your sleeves and piece together the headlines, articles and photos of any New York Times front-page story (since 1851) of your choice.

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Mini-Cannon Pocket Artillery

This mini-cannon strikes the perfect balance between size and power. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, but powerful enough to shatter some glass. It comes packed in a detailed ornate box with a bottle full of pellets – just need some gun power and fuse and you’ll be ready to sink unfortunate ships that cross your path.

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Remember Nickelodeon Gak and how much fun it was? Well, this stuff is better, it’s not slimy but more rubbery allowing you to pinch it, smash it, twist it, pull it over and over, or even make some basic models that don’t leave any residue on surfaces like tables. Good toy for kids, good stress reliever for adults

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This Yoshi is made from actual yarn (no plastic here) and looks straight out of Yoshi’s Wolly World. You’ll be entranced and enamored with his disproportionately enormous nose and his tiny shell that you’ll horde it, hug it, take it to work, take it out for dinner, be your partner in crime – the possibilities are endless.

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Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

Expand your war assets with this catapult kit. Fling grapes, nuts and other small items to mow down your enemies (or annoy them). Kit comes with all necessary parts, instructions and educational resources.

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Kids Toybox 3D Printer

Toybox is the first easy-to-use, one-touch 3D printer for kids to design and print their own toys. Toybox can be controlled with simple one-touch functions. No adult assistance needed. Games, blocks, or any other toy they can think of. Print with endless possibilities.

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Did you ever play with magnifying glass to start tiny fires and burn patterns into wood as a kid? I do, good times. Apparently the builder of Febo, had a similar love of focusing the suns power. Febo is a little device that makes it simple to engrave wooden surfaces by focusing the rays of the sun. It keeps the…

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Playing with magnetic putty makes you feel like a kid again, get a couple of magnets and feel your worries and stress melt away. Magnetic putty is one of the ultimate stress reduction toys. I’m sure we all remember playing with colored putty as kids, Putty, however, is no longer just for kids; it’s all grown up and developed some…

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