Tidy Kitchen Stag

Tidy Kitchen Stag
Tidy Kitchen Stag
A ceramic deer head that turns spoons, spatulas and other utensils into antlers. The more utensils you add the more magnificent your stag’s antlers will look. It can also be used as a decorative vase for flowers, plants or other small items.
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Nessie Legendary Loch Ness Ladle

Nessie the legendary loch ness ladle is both cute and functional. She can stand independently thanks to her stubby nubs causing her head to naturally stick out above deep pots. Nessie dishes out some imagination in the kitchen and is one unexpectedly clever utensil.

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Pokemon Bulbasaur Planter Vase

This Bulbasaur is not only a fierce and loyal companion, but also makes for a lovely vase. All you need is a small succulent to truly make it look like a Bulbasaur; plant, water and slowly watch him evolve as his bulb flourish.

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Kitchen Sponge Holder Bed

Your sponge deserves a good long rest after a hard session of scrubbing and washing, so tuck your hard working sponge in this cute little bed and let it sleep tight. It fits just about any sponge, including stainless steel and even the glittery ones who just want to party all night long.

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Samurai Kitchen Knife Set

For the budding chef or for that person who enjoys cooking Asian Fusion; the Samurai Knife Set that comes complete with the usual ceremonial samurai stand display is the ultimate kitchen accessory for the cultural cook.

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Trigg Hanging Planter Vase

Fill with small plants, or other decorative objects and use as an eye-catching decorative accent for any space. Use to add a modern decorative touch and liven up your living space with indoor plants such as small succulents, air plants and other artificial plants and flowers.

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Optical Illusion Placemat

Trick Placemats that give the illusion of space bending under the weight of a plate and the eating utensils. Serve your dinner party guests a mind-bending delight with these graphic placemats. They are available in blue or white.

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Chemistry Spice Rack Set

Not for use in your laboratory, the Chemist Spice Rack belongs in your kitchen, and only the kitchen. Use this to create many delicious science experiments in the kitchen. Not for mixing up copper and carbonate in your stuffing recipe.

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The Ex Knife Holder

This knife block is not only functional, but also therapeutic. Visually demonstrate to your guests exactly how you feel about your scummy EX! This knife block will add a touch of whimsy to any kitchen.

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Aliens Warrior Cookie jar

Make sure your cookies are safe with this Warrior Alien Ceramic Cookie Jar. Even if it doesn’t instantly send cookie thieves running from the kitchen, no one will dare lift the jar’s removable skullcap to get at the sweet, sweet cookies inside – Those darn Xenomorphs are always trying to shove something down the throats of humans!

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$41.69 (Details)
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Luchador Bottle Opener

When you can’t make it out to the ring, these Luchador Bottle Openers will bring the passion, strength and color palette of Lucha libre to spar with your favorite drink. They are the ideal solution for wrestling the caps off of beer and soda bottles and makes for an amusing sight gag that will be hard to get tired of.

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Carpet Mouse Pad

The mouse is an essential input device for all modern computers, but sadly it’s treated like a second-rate tool relegated to the lower-class, residing on cheap mouse pads or sometimes nothing at all. Your mouse deserves better so redeem its royalty with the computer mouse rug.

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Acrylic Plant Lamps

A range of unique plant lamps that are designed with the botanical inspiration in mind – each leaf is shaped individually to create an organic form, adding a distinct artistic touch and the natural beauty and calming effect of plants to any living space.

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Dad Bag Beer Belly Waist Pocket

The Dad Bod Fanny Pack is the pack that no one asked for but everyone desperately needs. It will give you that hot, sexy hanging hairy gut without spending years stuffing your face with pizza and drinking too many beers a day. The pouch has enough room to carry your typical dad items, like sandwiches and beer.

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Nuisance Cat Smartphone Mittens

These mittens pay tribute to the troublemaking charms of kitties who like to cause nuisance when you’re trying to use your devices. The nuisance mitts amplify the cuteness by putting a cat’s likeness on the palm of your hand, starring at you with big kitty eyes and a cat’s paw that appears to be waving trying to get your attention.

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Hoodies for Your Drinks – Chuggies

Yes, these are hoodies for your drinks with an amusing name: Chuggies. They’re collapsible insulated bottle hoodies for 12 oz bottles and longnecks. Chuggies make for an amusing way to hide your drinks while keeping them cool and your hands dry.

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