Tactical Vest Beer Holder

Tactical Beer Vest Holder
Tactical Beer Vest Holder
Ah the ol’ Beer Mini Vest, one of the necessities for beer carrying these days as its getting quite dangoures to go without proctetion. Whether you’re in the wild hunting, or outside playing a game of football, this vest has your beer covered. Made of nylon and polyester, this gear is adjustable and is overall helpful. If you happen to have a small dog the vest might actually fit its small frame.
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Tactical Bacon is fully cooked and packaged in a 9-ounce can that’s perfect for camping, zombie standoffs, and end of the world type scenarios. Each can contains 54 slices of smoke flavored perfection that’ll add some mouth-watering flavor to those MRE’s or freeze-dried food. With a 10-year shelf life, it may even outlast you.

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Heart Anatomy Coasters

Did you know that ring marks are bad for your health? It’s a scientific fact. The moment you see condensating cups/glass settle down on an unprotected surface your heart start pumping and skipping beats and you think to yourself “why, aorta!” Now with these heart anatomy coasters you can bypass all that stress and strain.

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Nite Ops Can Cooler With LED

This isn’t just any ordinary koozie, this is a fully-functional, tactical drink cooler designed with a grippy texture and built in LED light so you don’t go tripping, if for some reason, you’re out drinking around in the dark.

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Dango Tactical Wallet

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Innovation in Wine Preservation
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eto: a beautiful innovation in wine preservation. It gives you the freedom to enjoy wine at your own pace and never waste a drop again. With eto you can open and savour that treasured bottle over several days or even weeks. Its innovative preservation system uses an airtight seal to keep wine fresh for at least a week, as proven…

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