Spicy Gummy Peppers

Spicy Gummy Peppers
Spice enthusiasts, rejoice! Spicy Gummy Peppers are an amazing combination that will leave your eyes and mouth watering.
Spicy Gummy Peppers
The gummies are infused with actual habanero, jalapeño, or ghost pepper spices.
$9.75 ($1.86 / Ounce)
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Tactical Bacon is fully cooked and packaged in a 9-ounce can that’s perfect for camping, zombie standoffs, and end of the world type scenarios. Each can contains 54 slices of smoke flavored perfection that’ll add some mouth-watering flavor to those MRE’s or freeze-dried food. With a 10-year shelf life, it may even outlast you.

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Giant Gummy Snake

So how long does it take to eat an 8 foot gummy snake/python? probably a month or more depending on your sweet tooth. Tipping the scales at nearly 27 pounds, this huge gummy snake packs over 36,000 calories into its nearly 8-foot-long frame.

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Don’t leave these bears out in the open or someone might end up with a mouth full of soap and forever be traumitized of eating gummy bears. One of the coolest candies just become one of the coolest soaps.