Snake Scale Nail Stickers

Snake Skin Nail Stickers
Snake Skin Nail Stickers
Snake Skin Nail Stickers
A collection of nail stickers that are inspired by snakeskin and peacock feathers – drawing inspiration from nature to add a pop of scaly personality to your look. Versatile and fun, these wraps provide a sexy second skin that you won’t want to shed anytime soon.
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UV body paint is suitable for both day and night use. Under normal light, the paint gives off a bright, neon color while under UV lighting the paint gives off an immense fluorescent glow, perfect for those evenings when you want to stand out in the crowds. Price:
$11.99 (Details)
Ray Gun Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Pull the trigger and Zap away unwanted nose and ear hair for good with the retro-styled Atomic Trimmer. With a cool, retro sci-fi design and trims fast and painlessly with safe-to-touch stainless steel blades – if you have to trim, why do it with anything else? Price:
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Sleeve of Crows Temporary Tattoo

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A product that combines lashes and fun. Fresh, Fine, Fierce – LED eyelashes are the next level up in wearable electronic and interactive cosmetics. Featuring 7 colors that change with the music rhythm automatically. Price:
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Bacon Strips Bandages

Treat your scrapes and cuts with the incredible healing power of bacon, the holiest of all meat. They resemble bacon so much that you’ll have to hold yourself back from ripping these tiny slabs of bacon and eating them. Price:
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Gold Glitter Beard Kit

Go from bland to fabulous with this gold glitter beard kit. Go out for a walk with your glorious beard covered in this gold glitter and watch as beardless plebs look upon you with awe and envy as they curse their beardless existence. Price:
Glow in the Dark Henna Kit

This glow in the dark henna kit is perfect for late night stay-overs or going out in the evenings, creates an eye-catching look that’ll turn heads. This kit includes henna powder, essential oils, 5 regular cones, and 1 glow cone. Won’t stain the skin nor harm it. Price:
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Giant Gummy Snake

So how long does it take to eat an 8 foot gummy snake or should I say python? probably a month, or less depending on your sweet tooth. Tipping the scales at nearly 27 pounds, this huge gummy snake packs over 36,000 calories into its nearly 8-foot-long frame. Price:
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Luchador Bottle Opener

When you can’t make it out to the ring, these Luchador Bottle Openers will bring the passion, strength and color palette of Lucha libre to spar with your favorite drink. They are the ideal solution for wrestling the caps off of beer and soda bottles and makes for an amusing sight gag that will be hard to get tired of. Price:
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Carpet Mouse Pad

The mouse is an essential input device for all modern computers, but sadly it’s treated like a second-rate tool relegated to the lower-class, residing on cheap mouse pads or sometimes nothing at all. Your mouse deserves better so redeem its royalty with the computer mouse rug. Price:
Acrylic Plant Lamps

A range of unique plant lamps that are designed with the botanical inspiration in mind – each leaf is shaped individually to create an organic form, adding a distinct artistic touch and the natural beauty and calming effect of plants to any living space. Price:
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Dad Bag Beer Belly Waist Pocket

The Dad Bod Fanny Pack is the pack that no one asked for but everyone desperately needs. It will give you that hot, sexy hanging hairy gut without spending years stuffing your face with pizza and drinking too many beers a day. The pouch has enough room to carry your typical dad items, like sandwiches and beer. Price:
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Nuisance Cat Smartphone Mittens

These mittens pay tribute to the troublemaking charms of kitties who like to cause nuisance when you’re trying to use your devices. The nuisance mitts amplify the cuteness by putting a cat’s likeness on the palm of your hand, starring at you with big kitty eyes and a cat’s paw that appears to be waving trying to get your attention. Price:
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Hoodies for Your Drinks – Chuggies

Yes, these are hoodies for your drinks with an amusing name: Chuggies. They’re collapsible insulated bottle hoodies for 12 oz bottles and longnecks. Chuggies make for an amusing way to hide your drinks while keeping them cool and your hands dry. Price:
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