Rock Climbing TreadWall

Rock Climbing Treadmill
Rock Climbing Treadmill
The Climbing TreadWall is a compact rock climbing wall with a continuously revolving face that lets you climb whenever the mood strikes – it is designed to deliver a full body workout while at the same time sharpen your climbing skills.
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Fiber Optics Running or Cycling Vest

The Tracer360 takes the reflective safety vest to the next level. It helps runners and cyclist stay visible with flexible fiber optic cables that wrap around the body with an X shape, making you visible from over a quarter mile away, in any direction. Price:
$69.99 (Details)
Empty Memory USB Drives

Empty Memory are a set of USB memory sticks (8 & 16GB) with stainless steel or black rhodium connected against translucent acrylic or a hollow structure – a physical emptiness in its sculpture form, in the same way solid ground meets the clear, weightless sky. It’s a piece of technology in the form of modern art. Price:
Star Wars Character Speakers

Star Wars baddies aren’t always flying through space, kicking butt and taking names. They can sometimes be found relaxing and listening to some tunes on their tiny speaker counterparts. These speakers are small and portable and come in a variety of flavors, such as Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Vader and Chewbacca. Price:
Tin Can Robot

This kit lets you turn a soda can into a robot. Just assemble all the pieces, slide a can into its body, pop in some batteries and just like that, the tin can robot comes to life. The Googly eyes and long curly arms wobble comically as it happily moves around. Price:
$13.82 (Details)
Never Tangle Zipper Earphones

Zipbuds tackle the frustrating problem of tangled earphones by using a classic design we are all familiar with, the ol’ zipper. The zipper holds up to a heavy workout, resists tangles, and it’s flexible enough to keep up with all your moves. Price:
$39.95 (Details)
SwivelCord 3-in-1 Charging Cable

We’ve all been there – asked someone to borrow a charging cable or been asked for one, which invariable ends up being incompatible with the mobile device. There’s an elegant solution, the Swivelcord 3-in-1 charging cable strikes a balance between elegance and universal design. Price:
5-Jack Headphone Audio Splitter

This headphone splitter offers 5 headphone jacks, allowing you to share your tunes or movies with up to four of your friends, while not disturbing those that aren’t in the mood for music or movies. Splitter plug slots are at various angles, making it easy to attach multiple headphones. Price:
$14.49 (Details)
Play Music From Your Body

If slapping your legs sounds preferable to tapping pads or buttons to make music, you might like to consider the DrumPants. DrumPants consists of straps that attach to your body. Each has strategic censors that create the sound. Basically, it allows you to turn yourself into a literal drum machine. Price:
Vibration Speaker – Mini Troll

When the Mini Troll is attached to a surface, the surface area turns into a 360° speaker with impressive quality. It accomplishes this by using resonance technology by spreading the sound waves through the material it is placed on. It does it at an incredible small size, compact enough to fit in your pockets to take anywhere and everywhere. The built-in battery… Price:
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Rock Climbing TreadWall

The Climbing TreadWall is a compact rock climbing wall with a continuously revolving face that lets you climb whenever the mood strikes – it is designed to deliver a full body workout while at the same time sharpen your climbing skills. Price:
All-Terrain Stair Climbing Cart Trolley

UpCart is a stair-climbing dolly that is “up for anything”. It features a triple-wheel design to tackle the unique challenge of transporting objects/goods in urban environments with lots of stairs, curbs and irregular terrain. Price:
$84.10 (Details)
Infinity Gauntlet Mug

Fine. I’ll Pour It Myself. Gain control over the universe and your own drinks with the Infinity War Gauntlet Mug, as it would be beneath you to drink from anything else; when you’re done beating down plebs and ruining civilizations, a cuppa joe is exactly what a Mad Titan needs. Price:
Cable Bite – Cable Protector

These cable bite animals clip around the charging cord (iPhone only) making it look like they’re chomping on your phone. Not only are they adorable, but they can also help prevent the cord from tearing and snapping from regular use. Price:
Madballs – Gross Out Collection

Anyone who grew up in the 80s will remember these fuglies. They’re gross, yucky, and funny. Based off the 1980’s Madballs, they feature designs that are simultaneously disgusting and adorable, making these foam balls a must have for any gross out collection. Price:
PornBurger – Pun-Infused Cookbook

Pornburger a book for anyone with a fetish for delicious burgers. The book contains dozens of recipes and tips for making burgers that surpass conventional fast food. Each burger is photographed tastefully for your enjoyment – showcased as if they were hot models with names that are comical puns playing off of pop cultural moments. Price: