Ring Clock

Ring Clock
Ring Clock
Ring Clock
Whether you’re averse to wearing things on your wrist, or you’re just looking for an interesting piece of tech to wrap your hands around, the Ring Clock might interest you. This practical accessory has three circlets with either blue, white or red LEDs that rotate around the stainless steel band to reveal the current time on the ring.
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A cheery little duck enamel pin to commemorate the auto correct phrase “Duck You.” This snarky but cute pin is work/school friendly that casually informs others how you really feel about them. It’s also great for that person who can appreciate some adorable, semi-vulgar humor.

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Screws Ear Stud Earrings

Nail your perfect look with a pair of these cool screw stud earrings; earrings that are made to look like faux plug earrings in the shape of screws. Screw your friends into believing you have actual screws in your ears, and to show them that your screws aren’t as loose as they thought they were.

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Lanyard Hitch Cord Bracelet

A collection of bracelets made with hand-braided nautical cord in a variety of classic New England colors. The rope encloses on the solid brass anchor, creating the perfect accessory for pirates, sailors and merpeople.

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Cityscape Rings Skyline Jewelry

Shekhtwoman is a creative genius that creatively makes most of the world’s most loved landscapes into stylish rings that wrap entire cityscapes around your finger. These rings manage to encapsulate most of the architectural highlights making them a worthy accessory for you to flaunt in style.

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You know what they say: time flies. Rise and shine to catch your ride just in time with the help from this Harry Potter golden snitch clock. Featuring a spell-binding design, it will make a magical addition to any room in the house. If you think about it, a real golden snitch clock sounds pretty annoying, always flying away before…

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Poop and Toilet Paper Keychains

The best part about these poop and toilet paper friendship charms is when the inevitable question “why do you have a toilet paper and poop keychains?” gets asked – you can say that your best friend is the poop to your toilet paper, or the toilet paper to your poop.

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Tago Arc is an e-ink bracelet with endless designs, the perfect accessory for anyone looking for something that’s high-fashion, cool, elegant and high-tech. Since the bracelet screen takes up most of the accessory, you’re effectively changing the jewelry’s whole look every time you change design.

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It’s Time To Duel Yu-gi-oh! Clock

Good heavens, would you look at the time, it’s time to duel. With the Yu-gi-oh! Wall Clock it’s always time to du-du-du-DUEL! The next time someone asks you what the time is, they better have their dueling decks on them.

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