Poop and Toilet Paper Keychains

Poop and toilet paper Keyrings
Poop and toilet paper Keyrings
Poop and toilet paper Keyrings
The best part about these poop and toilet paper friendship charms is when the inevitable question “why do you have a toilet paper and poop keychains?” gets asked – you can say that your best friend is the poop to your toilet paper, or the toilet paper to your poop.
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Duck You Gold Enamel Pin

A cheery little duck enamel pin to commemorate the auto correct phrase “Duck You.” This snarky but cute pin is work/school friendly that casually informs others how you really feel about them. It’s also great for that person who can appreciate some adorable, semi-vulgar humor.

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Screws Ear Stud Earrings

Nail your perfect look with a pair of these cool screw stud earrings; earrings that are made to look like faux plug earrings in the shape of screws. Screw your friends into believing you have actual screws in your ears, and to show them that your screws aren’t as loose as they thought they were.

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Levitating Pillow Display

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Paper Butterfly Rings

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Best Bitches Keychains

Slightly inappropriate, the best bitches keychain is for those who’re more than best friends. It’s a special design that just doesn’t get better than this friendship wise. The best keychains for you and your bestie who’s there for you through thick or thin.

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The Witcher Wolf Medallion

The symbol of The School of The Wolf and the one that the White Wolf, Geralt of Rivia wears. A witcher medallion is sensitive to magic, offering warnings of nearby magic and magical beings by vibrating. So if it starts vibrating around your friends you’ll have to start cracking some heads.

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Zelda Poe Soul Necklace

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