Pokemon Giant Snorlax Bean Bag

Giant Snorlax Bean Bag
Giant Snorlax Bean Bag
Giant Snorlax Bean Bag
Make a mid-day snooze even more appealing with the Snorlax bean bag chair. Since it’s two feet wide and over four feet tall, you’ll have lots of space to stretch out for sleep, for an epic TV binge, or for a long video game session.
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Pokeball Terrariums

These Pokeball terrariums come in two sizes: 4 or 5 inches in diameter. Each houses an environment that reflects the pokemon’s nature (or you can choose the environment). They’re basically high-quality Pokemon-themed snow globes that give you a peek inside of what really goes on in a Pokeball.

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Have you had major back surgery recently? Do you have lazy running in your veins? If you answered yes to either of those, then these Dust Mop Slippers will definitely appeal to you. They will suffice in the meantime until your back gets better or you decide to leave your lazy ways behind.

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Giant Bean Bag Sofa

Embolden any room with this spacious bean bag sofa; a comfortable and fun alternative to the traditional sofa that’s big enough to comfortably fit three people. It makes for a great spot to nap, game and binge watch Netflix for hours.

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Pokemon Choose Wisely Key Holder

Choose wisely. Always one of the toughest decisions in a Pokemon game, but when it comes to picking your starter keys for the day, you really can’t go wrong (just don’t pick Bulbasaur, even if they are your car keys and you have to walk to work).

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This Bulbasaur is not only a fierce and loyal companion, but also makes for a lovely vase. All you need is a small succulent to truly make it look like a Bulbasaur; plant, water and slowly watch him evolve as his bulb flourish.

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Poke Ball Replica in Display Jar

A full size realistic looking Poke ball in a Display Jar designed to look as lifelike as possible – inspired from the anime. Proudly show that you’re the ultimate Pokemon fan when you put this realistic Poke ball unit on display. The stand is permanently attached and comes with a clear display jar.

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Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bag

The Sandusa is a bean bag made of cotton toweling and has a waterproof nylon backing so you can relax on it even after you’ve taken a dip in the waters. Take summer to new heights with the Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bag – the perfect bean bag for the outdoors.

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Pokemon Poke Serving Bowl

Someone thought turning a Poke Ball into a set of bowls would be a good idea. Guess what? They were right. You can now hold all your favorited Poke snacks in Poke Ball shaped bowls. The top and bottom can slot together and will equal the size of a volleyball.

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Shark Sleeping Bag

Who knew getting eating by a shark would be fun and cute. Only the bravest of the brave will slip deep into its belly, will you return in morning? Maybe. While it’s clearly made for sleep you can also use it as a temporary prison and stuff your little siblings into it.

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