Pet Hoodies

Pet Hoodies
Pet Hoodies
Pet Hoodies
Get your furry friend ready for chilly weather with the Pet hoodies. This pull-over hoodie is ribbed at the sleeves and hem, while the high-cut tummy helps to prevent soiling. And don’t worry about using it with a leash, because there’s a convenient leash hole for attachment.
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Dog Umbrella With Leash

Take rover out for a walk – come snow or rain – with this dogbrella with an attached leash. No matter the forecast this nifty umbrella lets you shield your pupster from the elements. So grab it, head out and get ready for a chance of rain/snow, and plenty of happy walks. Price:
Fallout Vault 111 Hoodie

Why does the future contain so many jumpsuits? Is one less piece of clothing really that practical? They probably make going to the bathroom a bigger hassle than it needs to be. This hoodie is much more practical, fashionable and offers the same protection from the blazing sun of a nuclear-war-ravaged land. Price:
Hoodies for Your Drinks – Chuggies

Yes, these are hoodies for your drinks with an amusing name: Chuggies. They’re collapsible insulated bottle hoodies for 12 oz bottles and longnecks. Chuggies make for an amusing way to hide your drinks while keeping them cool and your hands dry. Price:
Animated Animal Hoodies

Open wide! These savage hoodies look docile in normal use, but when you cross the arms across the chest, the animal springs into life with its jaws wide open and poised for attack. These hoodies are suitable for sports, normal use, and chomping around. Price:
Runner Hands-Free Dog Leash

The Stunt Puppy leash has a flexible connector that can be attached to a waist belt that is created for runners. The connector piece that attaches to you and your dog is long enough to absorb variations in stride and the belt can easily convert to an over-the-shoulder loop. Price:
$48.00 (Details)
Pet Shower Sprayer and Scrubber

The aquapaw is a wearable pet bathing tool that can be operated entirely with one hand. It combines a spray and a scrubber that can be turned on or off with a button press in the palm of your hand. This one-handed, wag-worthy washer gives you total control over your pet and water flow making bath time a less stressful… Price:
$24.95 (Details)
Giant NBA Cap Pet Bed – Nap Cap

The Nap Cap allows you to represent your NBA team while treating your dog with an oversized cap dog bed. These oversized caps cover all 30 NBA teams with their logos on the side and front making it a great home accent piece for fans and guests to admire (or hate). Price:
Pet Teepee Tent Bed

The Native American style teepee tent bed makes for a charming and cozy hide-out for pets while adding a dash of style to any room in your house. Fewer things in life are more adorable than dogs and cats napping away in cute little tents.

Naps are Better with a Dog Blanket

A fleece blanket features comfy double-sided fleece material with Sherpa outline and one big happy truth, “Naps Are Better With A Dog” (and maybe cats). Makes for a great blanket to surround you and your faithful companion with enjoyable comfort and pleasant warmth. Price: