Nose Pencil Sharpener

Nose Pencil Sharpener
Nose Pencil Sharpener
Like picking your nose? How about picking a plastic nose with a pencil. This whimsical nose sharpener will have you sharpening pencils even if your pencil is still sharp. Better have a pen close by in case the nose sharpener gets the best of you.
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When you’re asked to sign something, someone should bend the knee and offer you a pen so you can grace the document with your royal name. The Executive Knight Pen Holder is designed for just that, to make sure your pen is always ready for whenever a document needs your royal signature. Price:
Slända Self-Balancing Pen

A delightfully crafted pen that is designed in way that it is self-balancing with the unique ability to shift directions in a slit-second, just like a dragonfly ( Slända is Swedish for dragonfly). It will always stand at a 45 degree angle, which means it’s never going to roll off a table. Price:
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Rainbow Pencils are just like regular wooden pencils, but they are not made from wood, they are made from layers of recycled paper and let you create beautiful paper rainbow sharpenings, every time you sharpen them, adding a bit of life to the typical, often messy wood and graphite shavings. Price:
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