Mini Museum

Mini Museum
The mini-museum brings a curated collection of some of the world’s most interesting specimens into your home. The unique sampling of significant artifacts are carefully
Mini Museum
arranged in a Lucite brick to create an artful home display ready for appreciation. From prehistory to making history, these artifacts tell the story of us.
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Stackable Lego Brick Storage Box

What better way to store things than inside ginormous LEGO bricks? These oversize bricks are designed to stack, just like their miniature counterparts. Decorate, play, build, or store – organizing your home will become a highly jovial experience when you put these containers to use. Price:
$36.05 (Details)
Rex the Bachelor Bulldog Butler Table

A spiffy looking bulldog in a plush smoking jacket that will happily preside over your buffet or bedside. Rex will always have his tray at the ready to serve your cocktails and kitchen treats with a bully good accent; this canine is ready for some smashing good fun as he sturdily lords over your manor with enduring charm. Price:
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HIPSTORY are a collection of tongue-in-cheek portraits that portray some of the world’s most recognizable modern leaders in the kind of clothes you spot at a big city local coffee shop – reimagined as today’s hipsters. Colorful and vibrant, these are great to match anyone’s avant-garde modern style. Price:
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An alternative to traditional, wall-mounted Skateboard racks. Holds boards safely in place vertically or horizontally rather than mounting to the wall. The Parking Block sits on the ground with non-slip feet for stability and skateboard contact is with the Parking Block only, so boards won’t touch the wall or floor. Price:
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World Map Metal Wall Art

Very tasteful world map made of metal with contrast that stands out due to its uniqueness but also blends in due to its simplicity. A nice way to add some aesthetic value to your walls without relying on the same old tricks. Price:
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Pixels allows you to build your own yoga mats, with the art of your choosing featured on the surface. Just as you are encouraged to find your own expression of poses within different yoga practices, Pixels makes it possible to create a truly beautiful and unique yoga mat in your style. Price:
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Beautiful and detailed Eiffel Tower Statue with a small LED tea light at its base will create a fabulous ambiance for celebrations or special romantic occasions – perfect for cake toppers, home decoration or a centerpiece. Price: