Mechanical Engagement Ring Box

Mechanical Engagement Ring Box
Mechanical Engagement Ring Box
The mechanical engagement ring box is one of those things where you better be pretty damn sure of the answer before you get. Else you be stuck with a fancy snack dispenser while you wait for your next proposal.
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Whether you’re averse to wearing things on your wrist, or you’re just looking for an interesting piece of tech to wrap your hands around, the Ring Clock might interest you. This practical accessory has three circlets with either blue, white or red LEDs that rotate around the stainless steel band to reveal the current time on the ring. Price:
Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard

Inspired by vintage typewriters this mechanical keyboard is the perfect amalgam of past, present and future. Its round mechanical key caps will evoke nostalgia of yesteryear and will look as good in the office as it does in the game room. Price:
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If you love light painting, then have I got a toy for you. The Pixel Stick is an amazing tool; you can create mesmerizing images that will impress your friends. Whether you’re interested in still animation or photos, this will quickly become a vital part of your setup. Price:
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Have a soft spot for Martial Arts movies? Are you not afraid of embarrassing yourself, like, ever? If yes, then get this Shuriken USB drive and you know what you can do the next time someone decides to annoy you while you’re working or gaming on your computer. Price:
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This mechanical ring doubles as a fidget toy. The ring has a fully integrated design of micro-precision, stainless steel gears. The stainless steel ring functions via a pair of outer rims that spin to move in unison the industrial implements contained within. Price:
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Can you imagine the look of airport security while to take this out of your pockets? The hand grenade USB drive will store all your sensitive data while making everyone around you a bit uneasy the first time you take this out. Price:
Night and Day Mechanical Globe

This isn’t just any traditional globe. The Nigh ‘n Day Mechanical Globe is a visual representation of the earths day/night cycle. It functions as a clock and a calendar. You can easily tell the solar time and date for any location. Price:
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A pocket sized keyboard that you can carry around everywhere. This virtual keyboard can be used with just about any mobile device or PC with Bluetooth capability. This pocket keyboard allows you to transform any flat surface into your personal keyboard, minus transparent surfaces, since you know, lasers. Price:
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