Industrial Robot Pipe Lamp

Industrial Robot Pipe Lamp
Industrial Robot Pipe Lamp
Rubik’s Cube Lamp
The Steampunk Industrial Robot Pipe Desk Lamp takes the mundane and utilitarian mobile accessories and transforms them into a humorous, functional art form. Features two grounded AC outlets, two USB charging ports, light dimmer, a smartphone cradle to hold a phone while it’s charging and a bucket full of personality.
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What could you do with a pair of five-foot-long cardboard robot arms? More like, what couldn’t you do? These Giant Cardboard Robot Arms will make anyone the baddest bully on the block. The kits include cut pieces of cardboard, cardboard tubes for the elbows and forearms and all the hook and loop fasteners you’ll need to put them together. Price:
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This Steampunk-styled wrist watch is a tribute to one of science nerds’ favorite, most highly regarded inventor and engineer, Nikola Tesla. The highlights of this watch are its weathered-brass look, 2 decorative vacuum tubes with LEDs that can be turned on/off and a winding key for setting the time. Price:
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An iMac G3 inspired charging stand for Apple Watch. The W4 Stand is an eye-catching and well-crafted charging station shaped like an old-school iMac G3 that where noted for their translucent and brightly colored plastic shells, that work with Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3. Price:
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A Gorgeous steampunk necklace made with gold gear accents, vintage watch movement, wrapped within an exquisitely ornate neo Victorian filigree setting. A trailing filigree vine runs down one side of the pendant with a tiny gold gear dangling off its bottom leaf. Price: