Heart Shaped Sparklers

Heart Shaped Sparklers
Heart Shaped Sparklers
Heart Shaped Sparklers
The heart shaped sparklers are a romantic take on the old item that used to make summertime sizzle. They start burning at the top and slowly burn around the entire heart until the two sparks meet at the bottom and the time is approximately one minute each.
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Custom Branding Iron for BIC Lighter

Mark your territory with these custom made BIC branding irons. They easily snap right onto any standard BIC lighter and can just as easily burn the brand into wood, paper, or skin (don’t recommend that one). Batman would not approve of using this on property that’s not your own, so don’t piss him off.

Shapeways.com Price:
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Create Custom Water Candles

Turn ordinary glass containers into elegant home accents with the H20 water candle kit (or you can just simply make it yourself). All you need is a clear container, some water and cooking oil. Take it a step further and fill it with decorative ornaments for a truly unique candle that creates the illusion of a floating flame.

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Bankroll Money to Burn Fire Starter

Even if you’re broke as dirt, with these, you can pretend and impress friends and family with your phony wealth by using it as fire starters. Because there’s no better way to demonstrate to people that you’re ballin’ than by burning wads of cash.

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Bacon Lip Balm

You really can’t claim you like bacon until you lather your lips with some smooth and moisturizing bacon lip balm. With this balm, you’ll be able to savor the flavor of bacon anytime and keep your lips kissably soft. Tastes way better than that other lip balm you might have laying around.

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Four-Leaf Clover in a Bottle

The odds of finding a four-leaf clover are 1 in 10,000. Here your odds of finding one are in your favor, as long as these are in stock. Insta-Luck Four-Leaf Clovers are the real deal, each jar includes one authentic and permanently preserved four-leaf clover.

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Prank Pack Bathe & Brew

This ingenious coffee maker will enable you to brew your coffee while you take a shower. But, to my disappointment and many others, this is not a real product. It’s actually a hilarious prank box, so off the charts, it will take them a while to figure out it’s a joke.

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Meteor Shower Lights

These decorative tubes of dramatic LED lights cascade from the top of the tube to the bottom. It creates a unique and vivid meteor like rainfall effect – falling from the night sky giving off romantic and festive vibes.

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Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella

This is the umbrella you never knew you always wanted. Guaranteed no one will mess with you with this slung across your back and if they do, they have a death wish. Even the rain will start to shudder when you glide it out of its nylon sheath.

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Smoldering Zombie

The perfect zombie prop to add some smoking hot sizzle to your Halloween party. Even if you just want to turn up the heat to your zombie themed home, this smoking hot zombie prop will fit right in. He looks a bit worse for the wear, but such is the life of a zombie

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Luchador Bottle Opener

When you can’t make it out to the ring, these Luchador Bottle Openers will bring the passion, strength and color palette of Lucha libre to spar with your favorite drink. They are the ideal solution for wrestling the caps off of beer and soda bottles and makes for an amusing sight gag that will be hard to get tired of.

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Carpet Mouse Pad

The mouse is an essential input device for all modern computers, but sadly it’s treated like a second-rate tool relegated to the lower-class, residing on cheap mouse pads or sometimes nothing at all. Your mouse deserves better so redeem its royalty with the computer mouse rug.

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Acrylic Plant Lamps

A range of unique plant lamps that are designed with the botanical inspiration in mind – each leaf is shaped individually to create an organic form, adding a distinct artistic touch and the natural beauty and calming effect of plants to any living space.

Mardefe.com Price:
$85.00+ (Details)
Dad Bag Beer Belly Waist Pocket

The Dad Bod Fanny Pack is the pack that no one asked for but everyone desperately needs. It will give you that hot, sexy hanging hairy gut without spending years stuffing your face with pizza and drinking too many beers a day. The pouch has enough room to carry your typical dad items, like sandwiches and beer.

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Nuisance Cat Smartphone Mittens

These mittens pay tribute to the troublemaking charms of kitties who like to cause nuisance when you’re trying to use your devices. The nuisance mitts amplify the cuteness by putting a cat’s likeness on the palm of your hand, starring at you with big kitty eyes and a cat’s paw that appears to be waving trying to get your attention.

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Hoodies for Your Drinks – Chuggies

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