33 Cool Puzzle Gift Ideas for Puzzle Lovers

I will start by saying that these aren’t just your common puzzles, or better to say that you won’t find 10 different variations of Rubik’s Cubes here – these are a mix of jigsaw puzzles, brain teasers and puzzle themed products that would make great gifts for men, women and kids of all ages. There’s a bit of a twist to most of the items listed in this puzzle gifts guide to make your gift more memorable and special.

If you know someone that’s passionate about puzzles, then give them the gift of critical thinking.

Puzzle Pieces Cookie Cutter Set

1. Name-2-Puzzle

Get your name or someone’s name dear to you designed in wooden typographic puzzles, each meticulously cut by hand from one piece of natural pine wood. Each puzzle is joined with the following letter to form a one-of-a-kind personalized artwork.

Interactive Maze Game with 100 Challenges

2. Interactive Maze Game with 100 Challenges

Perplexus is a spheroid maze puzzle with 100 challenges that’ll twist your mind. You’ll need some sharp critical thinking skills and an inventive mind to get you through all those challenges. If you mess-up you’ll have to start from the beginning, ouch! If your ball slips, keep your head up and keep on rolling.

Puzzle Lights

3. Puzzle lights

A Self-assemble puzzle lamp that’s elegant and artistic – that will add a dash of modern appeal to any household. All the pieces that make up the lamp are identical and have to be folded to form a cylinder, a star, or a few other configurations. It will actually give you a challenge trying to put it together.

Puzzle Pieces Cookie Cutter Set

4. Puzzle Piece Cookie Cutter Set

Puzzle Piece cookie cutter set – A set of 6 jigsaw puzzle piece shapes that are perfect for cutting out puzzlylicious cookies or brownies. They can also be used to make fondant pieces for cake for a puzzle themed birthday party or occasion.

Puzzle Piece Necklaces

5. Puzzle Piece Necklaces

Lots of Necklaces that are cut into the shape of jigsaw pieces and other shapes that can be worn apart, the pieces may vary in size, but come together to fit seamlessly (some of them don’t). It’s a subtle way to showcase your friendships and or lasting bonds.

Cast Metal puzzles

6. Cast Metal Puzzles

Hanayama Cast Metal puzzles are tiny puzzles that can fit in your pocket. Their elegant, understated design hides tantalizingly frustrating puzzles that are sure to keep your hands busy. Their precision metal casting becomes apparent as you fiddle around with one and once you manage to take it apart, you will no doubt seek more to challenge yourself. Their collectability is also one of their appeals.

Wooden Puzzle Cutting Board

7. Wooden Puzzle Cutting Board

This board which consist of 4 puzzle pieces that can be used as a cheese board, serving boards or breakfast board; the designer treated each board like a jigsaw piece with tabs and notches that interlock perfectly together end-to-end that can be used as a cutting board, broken apart to serve small portions or serve a large platter.

 Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

8. Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com have fused the artistry of traditional, hand-crafted jigsaw puzzles with the possibilities of new technologies, this allows them to create custom puzzles that feature a one-of-a-kind pattern. You can upload any image and also personalize your puzzle with whimsical shapes, letters and figures for a truly unique one-of-a-kind pattern of pieces.

Cat Stax

9. Cat Stax and Dog Pile

Stack up the cats (or dogs)! Cat Stax and Dog Pile are a packing-style single player puzzle game that consists of 12 models of various shapes and colors and 48 challenge grids that act as the containers. The goal is to arrange all of the pieces so that they fit perfectly within the grid, sounds easy but it’s quite challenging.

Puzzle Sandwich Cutter

10. Puzzle Sandwich Cutter

The jigsaw puzzle sandwich cutters will make lunch a more playful experience. Similar to a cookie cutter, with one swift movement it cuts the crust off and turns your bread into puzzle piece that will interconnect with each other. We were always taught to not play with our food, but this could be a fun exception.

The Puzzle Pod Teaser Puzzle and Coin Bank

11. The Puzzle Pod Cryptex Puzzle and Coin Bank

The Puzzle Pod allows you to set your own personal code to lock away whatever gift you’re planning to give. It allows you to design your own treasure hunt by leaving clues that will take them to the next, until they find and figure all of them out. If they never find out the secret code, they’ll never get the goodies locked inside. It transforms any ordinary gift into an adventure.

Incomplete Jigsaw Wall Clocks

12. Incomplete Jigsaw Wall Clocks

Modern, minimalist metal wall clocks with an incomplete puzzle design with many color options to choose from. This one has a rustic aesthetic that gives it natural patterns with a cozy farmhouse feel. They’re cut with laser to give them precise and accurate puzzle patterns and use aluminum rivets to mark the hours for easy time-telling.

 Wooden Fractal Puzzle

13. Wooden Fractal Puzzle

Fractal puzzles, when geometry meets jigsaw art; fractal puzzles re-imagines conventional jigsaw puzzles with wooden abstract shapes. The pieces all look remarkably similar making it quite the challenge to arrange in correct positions. When you do manage to arrange a piece in the correct position, the wooden pieces seem to melt away and completely disappear.

 Colorful Puzzle Book Shelves

14. Colorful Puzzle Book Shelves

Colorful Puzzle Book Shelves that are designed to fit perfectly into each other, meaning that you can keep on stacking the shelves until you reach the ceiling. Its multicolored finish will add charm and personality to any room it’s placed in.

 The pixel puzzle

15. The Pixel Puzzle

Puxxle is a puzzle creative twist on a classic puzzle. It consist of 2x2cm vinyl adhesive pixels that can stick to different types of surfaces. Depending the puzzle you choose, it comes with 200 – 600 pieces and is rated to last outdoor for up to 4 years.

Jigsaw Puzzle Floor

16. Jigsaw Puzzle Floor

The jigsaw puzzle wood floor adds a stunning visual effect to your floors – the aesthetic it creates makes it ideal for children rooms and play areas. Contrary to its name, the puzzle floor is as easy to install as their boring strip brethren and is much more fun and fascinating.

The Brainstring

17. The Brainstring

The Brainstring puzzle ball is filled with a mess of tangled up cords with the premise of untangling them without touching the strings. Every string passes through the center of the ball with each knob on a hemisphere sharing a track, untangling one knot might create even more knots. It’s a puzzle that will definitely pull on your headstrings and will put your knot-unraveling skills to the test.

 Leather Puzzle Coasters

18. Leather Puzzle Coasters

A set of 6 faux leather puzzle coasters that come with a leather holder to keep them organized when not in use. They come in various colors to choose from so you can pick whichever one will match your table’s style.

Sphaera Tabletop Puzzle

19. Sphaera Tabletop Puzzle

Sphaera is a beautiful puzzle made of cherry wood, with a concentric labyrinth on its surface. Three steel balls are contained within the labyrinth and are to be moved through five rings into the center. It will take patience and dexterity to successfully guide the balls through the pathways hidden between the concentric circles.

Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle

20. Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle

This puzzle is almost too deviously evil to inflict on you and your friends. Not sure how anyone is expected to complete this, but I guess the challenge is the whole point. Truly Satan in puzzle form, good luck.

 Gravity Maze

21. Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze is a brain-teasing, falling marble logic game in three dimensions that will test your reasoning skills and perception as you try to move the marble from its starting point toward, over and down to the target. There are sixty different puzzles ranging in four different difficulties that will give you a full-brain workout.

 The Earth 3D Puzzle

22. The Earth 3D Puzzle

The Earth 3D puzzleball lets you explore the world in puzzle form. It’s designed to securely snap together without tape or glue to form a smooth sphere. It also includes its own stand to hold the puzzle globe and also lets you spin the globe on its axis, just like a solid model would.

 Jigsaw puzzle molds

23. Jigsaw puzzle molds

Jigsaw puzzle molds to make jigsaw baked goods, chocolates or other puzzlely confections; silicone molds are a surprisingly versatile tool to make edibles and everything else in between – you can use it to make crayons, cereal pops, hard candy, jello shots and a bunch of other puzzly themed stuff.

 kumiki wood puzzle

24. Kumiki Wood Puzzle

The grandfather of all interlocking mechanical puzzles, this kumiki wood puzzle consists of 12 hexagonal pieces carved from rich walnut. Even though this puzzle may seem simple at a glance, you will find separating them or reassembling the cluster, a very puzzling problem to tackle.

Coin Cut Puzzle Art

25. Coin Cut Puzzle Art

The guys over at Coin Cut Art make some amazing and intricate jigsaw puzzles with coins by painstakingly hand-sawing each into dozens of pieces, with some reaching up to 50 pieces per coin. There are varied collections of different coins to choose from, or you can send in your own coins to be cut up into a piece of puzzly-art that will last a lifetime.


26. Kanoodle Twisting Solitaire Game

Kanoodle is a simple, mind-twisting solitaire puzzle game that boasts overs 100 brainteasing puzzles. You can play in either 2-D (easier puzzles) by laying the pieces flat or in 3-D (the big boys puzzles) by stacking up to make pyramids. It’s a game that’s easy to understand, but difficult to solve.

Don't Break the Bottle Puzzle

27. Don’t Break the Bottle Puzzle

Your gift will be locked into a wooden puzzle gizmo that will make them think before they drink. Watch as their face turn from Chardonnay to Burgundy as they struggle to free the bottle – the connoisseur’s dilemma.

Infinite Galaxy Puzzle

28. Infinite Galaxy Puzzle

A puzzle with no fixed shape or starting point that can be assembled in thousands of different ways. Like space this puzzle has no defined edge and wraps in on itself, making its endless configurations a reference to astronomy and encapsulates the vastness of space in a challenging 133 piece puzzle. You could say that the Infinite Galaxy Puzzle lets you puzzle to infinity and beyond.

 Jigsaw Puzzle Soaps

29. Jigsaw Puzzle Soaps

A package of puzzle soaps of assorted colors that come as unscented or you can request for a scent; bright colored puzzle piece soaps that fit together to allow you to wash your hands with a solid combination of color.

Papa's Maze 2.0

30. Papa’s Maze 2.0

Kazuo Nomura created this maze for his daughter, filling out small portions each night and took roughly two months to complete. According to the people that were brave/insane enough to try this maze report that it takes roughly two days to work through.

40,000 Pieces Disney jigsaw Puzzle

31. 40,000 Pieces Disney jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle boasts over 40,000 pieces. Put your patients and not-losing-a-single-puzzle-piece skills to the test with one of the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle. Once built, the final result is a mural 22.5 feet wide by 6.5 tall and weighing at 43 pounds. You’re going to need some serious space to display this baby.

 Puzzle Maze Box

32. Gift Card Money Puzzle Box – Puzzle Maze Box

Giving out cash as a gift may seem impersonal but sometimes it’s just necessary and a heck of a lot easier. Plus, some people prefer it over more tangible gifts. This puzzle box adds a more personal touch by making them use a little ingenuity and logic to get their cash.

Puzzle Pod Junior - Gift Card Puzzle Box

33. Puzzle Pod Junior – Gift Card Puzzle Box

The Puzzle Pod Junior is mix of the Puzzle Box Maze and the Puzzle Pod Cryptex. It transforms the exchange of money or gift card into a fun, interactive, puzzle solving game between you and the recipient.

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