80 Thoughtful Gifts for Coworkers for any Occasion

Trying to come up with thoughtful, funny or heartwarming gift ideas for coworkers can be surprisingly difficult, especially when it’s in a professional work environment. That’s why we searched and hunted down some of the best gifts for coworkers (in our opinion of course) for anytime of the year, be it for Christmas or just to show your appreciation – these gifts will impress and win you workplace brownie points.

Remember, if you give a coworker a bad gift (like a boring gift card) you’ll have to face them all week, and don’t be surprised if they don’t leave you the last donut or don’t invite you to their next party.

cherry blossom mood light

1. Cherry Blossom Bonsai Mood Light

This cherry blossom bonsai tree makes for an amazing accent light – suitable to place in any room and even functions as a nightlight with its built-in timer. Its branches are easily bendable to allow you to customize its shape to some degree. It will bring an air of serenity wherever it’s placed.

Snoopy Perpetual Calendar

2. Snoopy Perpetual Calendar

Winter, spring, summer and fall, start each day with your favorite canine wordsmith; snoopy will help you keep track of days, weeks and months every year with this perpetual calendar. It’s small enough to not take up much space, but big enough to be easily seen.

Petite Apéritif Box

3. French Gourmet Snack Box

This box features an authentic selection of French artisanal products that includes a wonderful mix of savory and sweet treats. The goal of the Bon Appetit Box is to bring some of the finest French snacks to your home, no traveling necessary; it lets you indulge in the essentials of a typical French experience, the L’Apéritif: the French Happy Hour.

complaint department mug

4. Complaint Department Mug

A great mug for that coworker who lives by the “no complaints” mantra. This mug is great to use when you want to cut to the chase to let ‘em know today is NOT the day for complaints and to keep a wide berth. But on a serious note, this mug will probably cut down on workplace complaints with its humorous design.

Nessie Bookmark

5. Nessie Bookmark

Nessie the bookmark is here to stick her head up to mark were you last left off; let Nessie guide you deep into the plot, and when you stop she’ll save your spot. With Nessie guiding you, a legendary read is guaranteed!

Magnetic Sand Hourglass

6. Magnetic Sand Hourglass

The magnetic sand hourglass puts a scientific spin on the sands of time. It replaces the standard sand with iron to achieve its unique patterns as it slowly falls down and eventually builds an ordered hemisphere with a spiky surface that will certainly capture anyone’s attention.

Food Plush

7. Food Plush

A food plush of their favorite food/snack always makes a great gift; since everyone likes soft and squishy, gifting them a huggable plush of their favorite food/snack gives them the best of both worlds. These dainty snacks are perfect for some carb-free cuddles at any time of the day.

Playing Card Bottle Opener

8. Playing Card Bottle Opener

Don’t let your coworker break their teeth trying to open a brew. Gift them this cleverly designed playing card bottle opener that transforms the middle of the ace into the perfect cap popper tool. Made from stainless steel and slim enough to fit inside a wallet.

Desktop Personal Ceramic Heater

9. Personal Ceramic Heater

You can’t control the thermostat (those stingy managers) but you can control the heat around your space. This heater provides concentrated personal heat that’s great for the desktop or anywhere else you might need some extra heat on those chilly days. Makes a great gift for those who constantly complain about the cold.

blade of grass

10. Blade of Grass Pens

Pens that look like individual blades of grass, that when a bunch of them are on display they create the illusion of a healthy growing grass plant – right on your desk. These pens infuse a bit of nature into the room and they even sway a little as you write.

balloon dog lamp

11. Balloon Dog Lamp

A balloon dog lamp with a crispness of form and finish that makes it a fun and charming home accessory. This lamp will illuminate your coworkers workspace like the clowns’ creations illuminate children’s eyes.

Beer Jam

12. Beer Jam

These jellies take inspiration straight from the tap and are infused with craft beers – for when you love the taste of beer so much you wish to spread it on toast. Toast with beer. Yeah. This set includes 3 jars featuring distinctly delicious beer jelly flavors such as IPA, Oatmeal Stout, and Porter that can be paired with cheese or used to glaze meats, and not just with bread.

Agate coaster with 24K Gold Plated Rim

13. Agate Coaster with 24K Gold Plated Rim

Magnificent agate coaster featuring high-quality Brazilian stone with gold plated edges to further enhance the beauty of the piece. It will make a luxe addition to any workspace and keep it free of those unsightly condensation rings.

Coin Stealing Bank

14. Coin Stealing Bank

Put some change on the plate and a curious cat (or panda) peaks his head out and uses his bitty paw to snatch it away for safe keeping. Luckily, he won’t refuse to give your money back, just open the hatch on the bottom and your coins will come tumbling out. If your coworker loves furry felines, they will adore this kitty and appreciate his trustworthy banking skills when it’s time to cash in the loot.

Cactus Candles

15. Cactus Candles

These cute size cactus-shaped candles are styled after three popular varieties of cactus plants that have a burn time of 30 minutes each. It’s like having a bit of the desert without the annoying sand getting everywhere or oppressive heat. They are great as gifts and also the perfect accent for a floating shelf or mantle.

Donut Mug

16. Donut Mug

Coffee and donuts are so good together so why not make them even better by having them with a donut shaped coffee mug. This fun donut mug makes a great gift for that coworker who always eats donuts with their cup of joe in the morning (or anytime really.)

Animal Head Planters

17. Animal Head Planters

Adorable planters worthy of all cat, dogs, plant enthusiasts and pretty much anyone really. Most of these planters are the heads of animals with a few odd ones in between, so there’s bound to be one that’ll strike your fancy to give as a gift.

Professional Business card Holder

18. Professional Business Card Holder

Having a great business card holder can help raise your professionalism and establish a more polished presence whenever you’re dealing with clients or peers. The MaxGear professional business has a polished, super-sleek design that will give you a more modern and professional appearance whenever you handout or exchange cards.

Buddha Board

19. Buddha Board

The Buddha Board is based on the concept of living in the moment, by painting on it your creation will come to life, but as the water evaporates overtime, your art will slowly start to disappear, leaving you with a clean slate for you to draw your next masterpiece. It allows you to enjoy the carefree act of painting without consequence.

Bunny Desk Organizer

20. Bunny Desk Organizer

You’ll struggle to find a desk companion cuter than the Bunny Desk Organizer (seriously, we searched… a lot). This cute little guy has a pair of scissors cleverly disguised as his ears and the carrot he’s holding is a magnet that holds paperclips that give it the illusion of having roots. This quirky bun is the ultimate blend of form and functionality.

Least Annoying Worker

21. Least Annoying Worker Ribbon

Now here’s an achievement worth celebrating; celebrate your least annoying coworker with this snarky written award ribbon that will let them know they are the most tolerable person out of all the dirt bags you work with. There are very few folks who can earn such distinction.

Bullet Flowers

22. Bullet Bouquet

Is your coworker a gun-nut? Then get them some of these fire-arm flowers, because who needs regular old flowers when you can have a bullet bouquet – a gun enthusiast’s replacement for a forgettable, boring gift that dies after a few days.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

23. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

This hot sauce kit is a do-it-yourself, gloves-on experience for the high-stakes heat-seeker who loves to scorch their taste buds into oblivion. This kit has enough fuel to make seven lip smacking gourmet hot sauces to spice up your favorite dishes.

Magnetic Pendulum Decision Maker

24. Magnetic Pendulum Decision Maker

Set this dangling magnetic pendulum in your workplace to settle all office disputes and decision making – or maybe just to decide on where to buy lunch when you all can’t agree on the place. Also makes for a fun distraction.

Shark Attack Bowl

25. Shark Attack Bowl

The Shark Attack Bowl! I can already hear the Jaws theme playing in the background. You can get pretty creative with how you use this bowl – toss in some gold fish crackers, or fill it some blood-red dip for your chips, then reach in – if you dare! You could say that this bowl is FIN-TASTIC as a gift!

Drumstick Pencils

26. Drumstick Pencils

Drumstick pencils, for when you feel the need to practice your drum solos anywhere. Whenever a rock-n-roll emergency emerges, these writing tools flip to become a pair of dynamite drumsticks in a split second. You’ll be able to tap out some sick beats and in one swift rotation look like you’re taking care of business.

Tea Drops Sampler

27. Tea Drops Sampler

With nothing more elaborate than a cup and hot water, these lumps of finely-sourced tea dissolve to create a blissful tea blend that can be enjoyed anywhere. This sampler includes 5 drops each of blueberry acai, rose earl grey, citrus ginger, sweet peppermint, and matcha green tea that come packaged in a keepsake box.

Underwater Puppies

28. Underwater Puppies

Ah yes, underwater puppies, this is exactly the kind of thing that everyone needs when they’re down in the dumps and having a bad day. This book is full of vibrant and colorful underwater images – each bubbling with exuberance and life that will appeal to dog lovers with an appreciation for art.

Monogram Pen

29. Monogram Pen and Case

A lovely personalized wooden pen that is laser engraved with the name of the recipient and comes presented in a solid wood pen case that is also engraved with a monogram. It makes for an outstanding desk accessory gift that is appropriate for both business and home office settings.

Failed Anger Management Mug

30. Failed Anger Management Mug

If your coworker is the type that gets their panties in a bunch after being told they have anger issues, this mug is for them. This mug will let the world know they might flip their lid if anyone so much as takes a side glance at them.

Playable Art Helicone

31. Playable Art Helicone

Give this helicone a whirl and watch it transform between a pine cone and a helix. Taking aesthetic cues from the Fibonacci spiral, it not only represents beautiful botanical structures but also provides elegant and beautiful transformations. When not in use it rests on a stained birch stand that serves as décor – providing endless inspiration.

Bigfoot Air Freshener

32. Bigfoot Air Freshener

Only a handful of people claim to have come in contact with this mythical creature. Now with this air fresher you can have a face-to-face encounter with Sasquatch every time you go for a drive. The real Bigfoot probably smells like cheese and old gym socks. This one however, gives off a pleasant pine odor.

Joke Notepads

33. Joke Notepads

Knock Knock Nifty Notes lets you write up citations for the most hilarious reasons. Gift this to your coworker so they can give out citations for any wrongdoing or annoyance they may encounter throughout their day. Is that person having trouble keeping it together and causing unnecessary drama? Write ‘em up for a Hot Mess Citation.

Cheese Board Wood Cutter

34. Cheese Board Wood Cutter

Have a flannel wearing coworker? Then they’ll love this cheese log board and axe set. It will channel their inner lumberjack by letting them serve up blocks of cheese in rustic style; it will quickly become their favorite cheese board for chopping and serving… you’d cheddar believe it!

Foot Massager

35. Foot Massager

Most of us have experienced the foot aches, pains and stiffness that result from our daily activities. This dual foot massager can help alleviate all of that plus those excruciating heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and many more foot woes. So what better gift to give than the gift of foot pain relief, recovery and ultimately a higher level of wellness and performance year round?

Greek Coffee Cup

36. Greek Coffee Cup

An infinitely reusable ceramic version of the classic New York takeout cup that’s faithful to the original down to the smallest detail – that even reproduces the paper crease all paper cups have! This witty remake is a must have for every big city-living coffee drinker.

Shadow Casting Candle

37. Candle Shadow Projectors

Lumen Oil Candles cast an enchanting soft shadow from a small stainless steel tree figure. The shadow that is projected from the candle moves organically as the flame flickers and the further away from the wall, the larger the shadow becomes. It’s a truly unique twist on a normal candle.


38. Box of Macarons

French macarons are thin, flavorful meringue cookies that are sandwiched together with some kind of filling that are very popular throughout France and that have become quite common abroad too. They are an icon of modern pastry for good reason; they are an absolute delicacy that will leave your senses quivering with pleasure. Give them the opportunity to experience this delicacy with this macarons gift box.

Mug Warmer

39. Mug Warmer

Anyone who drinks hot beverages regularly should own a mug warmer. Whether you prefer to savor your tea in small sips or are just tired of dealing with lukewarm drinks when you end up getting absorb in your work, this useful gadget will keep your drinks at a satisfying temperature of up to 122 °F (50 °C)

Moon Lamp

40. Moon Lamp

Ever dreamt of reaching high-up in the night wishing you could grab the full moon? I’m sure many of us have. This lamp has the subtle and radiant glow that truly reflects the luminous characteristics of the moon, which you can reach to and grab anytime.

Bubble Wrap Calendar

41. Bubble Wrap Calendar

Popping those tiny bubbles on bubble wrap just might be everyone’s ultimate guilty pleasure. This calendar is made out of bubble wrap, so you can indulge in the guilty pleasure of popping some bubbles year long. Just gotta have a little self-control and not pop more than one a day.

Gem Airplant

42. Amethyst Crystal Air Plant

A beautiful combination of an Amethyst crystal and a lovely Tillandsia (air plant) that will add a burst of color to any living space. It comes packaged in a box with a simple message “you are a gem” and personal note printed on a mini kraft card.

 mole skin notebook

43. Moleskin Notebook

It’s a lot easier to organize and remember information when you write it down, so help your coworker stay on track with one of these Moleskine notebooks; a week can be full of surprises, so why not help them plan ahead. These charming notebooks are great for artists, writers, planners, and dreamers.

wood puzzle set

44. Wood Puzzle Set

Everyone loves a brainteaser, for what better way than having a puzzle at hand to help pass the time? They’re perfect for taking a break from the stresses of the day and to help keep the mind sharp. This 3-in-one puzzle set includes a diagonal burr, a snake cube and interlocking blocks.

Balloon Pin House

45. Balloon Pin House

This charming pin cushion will elevate your pushpin storage in a manner reminiscent of the Pixar film Up. The cork ball stays in place by mounted steel pins and a brass tubed chimney and comes with over 300 little push pins to fill the cork ball. It’s ideal for lifting the mood of any office, or work space.

Sloffee Mug

46. Sloffee Mug

Does your coworker tend to move around like a sloth when they don’t get their cup of coffee? It’s pretty obvious they rather be asleep when they don’t get their fix – this little guy will help them get through the mornings, because it’ll be pretty hard to ignore a mug this adorable.

Hedgehog Pencil Holder

47. Hedgehog Pencil Holder

Percy the Pencil Porcupine is equal parts adorable woodland animal and trusty tabletop organizer that is made specifically for holding your coloring pencils, pens, markers or whatever you can fit into his back slots to complete his signature spiked look.

Chill Pills

48. Chill Pills

Is that coworker always having unfortunate encounters with ignorant, rude, irate, smelly, unattractive or otherwise unpleasant customers that usually ends up with them getting heated? Get them a chill pill jar so they can pop a few whenever they need to chill-out!

F-bomb Paper Weight

49. F-bomb Paper Weight

The F Bomb Paperweight, for that coworker who has a foul mouth and tends to drop the “f bomb” like loose change. This recycled steel sculpture is sure to be an explosive hit that’ll lighten up the desk-side chats with a delightfully abstract expletive appropriate for any situation.

Bag of Farts

50. Bag of Farts

Some brave pioneers harnessed the airy appeal of magical flatulence and distilled this all-natural essence into melt-in-your-mouth fluffy goodness. But getting past the cheeky packaging, these Bag of Farts contain 1 oz. of cotton candy that would make a great gift for pretty much any occasion.

Cactus Coaster Set

51. Cactus Coaster Set

Cactus coasters designed with a small notch that allows them to securely interlock with the other coasters – allowing them to be arranged in different orientations and creative compositions. This allows them to be used as a decorative accent piece.

Paint by Sticker

52. Paint by Sticker

Paint by Sticker are a series of sticker books that requires zero skill to create gorgeous works of art. Each template is divided into hundreds of spaces, with each having a number that corresponds to its matching sticker. Even though the art is predetermined, the way you tackle on how to “paint it” is up to you.

Solar System Paperweight

53. Solar System Paperweight

A half-sphere planetarium paperweight that is both useful and beautiful. It condenses the expansiveness of our celestial solar system into a space small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Anyone who drops by will be instantly drawn to it and compelled to pick it up.

Custom Bobbleheads

54. Custom Bobbleheads

Take a page out of Dwight Schrute’s book and give your coworker a custom bobblehead. Who wouldn’t like a mini version of themselves greeting them with a friendly nod all the time? This is one of those gifts they will surely have on display for years to come.

cookie dough sampler

55. Cookie Dough Sampler

There are few things tastier than edible cookie dough. Available in a variety of flavors like chocolate chip, s’mores, and caramel, this nostalgic treat is just as tasty as an ice cream cone if not better. You don’t have to worry if the dough will make them sick as this cookie dough is egg-free. It’s meant to be eaten raw and without fear.

you're awesome cup

56. You’re Awesome Mug

Another mug (yes, mugs do make great coworker gifts) with some words of encouragement that read “You’re Awesome, Keep That Shit Up.” What better way to start your morning than with cup of coffee and a complement?

pirate bottle opener

57. Pirate Bottle Opener

This pirate-inspired bottle opener combines a fun look with a functional design. It includes a corkscrew, foil cutter, bottle opener and an easy-open lever that are creatively assembled to make up the limbs and features of a pirate character – it even has a parrot and earring. Blackbeard ain’t got nothing on “Corkedleg the Pirate” – the hardest working pirate in the bar.

Water Sand Art Display

58. Deep Sea Sand Art

An amazing piece of interactive, ever-changing, mesmerizing art. These frames hold a mix of colored sand, air and water, with each turn, the sand will slowly shift down, creating exquisite line drawing of deserts, mountains and clouds, all ebbing and flowing into one another.

Rainbow Pencils

59. Rainbow Pencils

A pack of pencils that function like regular ones, but these ones aren’t made from hard wood, each pencil is made up of multiple layers of colored recycled waste paper, giving them a rainbow like aesthetic. So when you sharpen them – rainbows for days.

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

60. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Here’s something awesome to keep them occupied when there’s too much down time or to help improve their focus while brainstorming ideas. It’s a fidget toy that can fold endlessly, hence “Infinity Cube.” When laid flat, Infinity Cube is only 20mm thick, which is about the same thickness of an average wallet, making it easy to carry around.

Foot Hammock

61. Foot Hammock

A miniature hammock made specifically for feet that can secure via hooks to underside of tables and desks. Springy and soft, it lets you work, read or relax comfortable by propping your feet at a level based on your liking.

Clam Lamp

62. Clam Lamp

The pearlfect lamp that they won’t be able to clam up about. This charming little lamp will bring a little piece of the underwater world to your space. The spherical light also morphs through a spectrum of colors, giving the clam an ever changing artistic flair.

Boscatti Cookies

63. Boscatti Cookies

Picture-perfect gourmet biscotti bars in a classy gift box. These heavenly looking biscotti treats are dipped in a variety of chocolates, crèmes and are garnished with nut and candy crunches that are sure to make anyone’s day.

Kneeling Knight Pen Holder

64. Kneeling Knight Pen Holder

Sure, your coworker might probably be suspended and passed up for promotion, but you can at least make them feel like a king/queen with The Executive Knight Pen Holder – who bends the knee, handing them a pen like an offering to please them. This trusty knight will make sure your pen is always at the ready for whenever you need to grace a document with your royal name.

I'd burn this place down if you didn't work here

65. I’d Burn This Place Down Candle

Are you completely sick of your job, but don’t want to burn everything down for the simple reason that you don’t want that awesome coworker to go jobless? Then this is a great gift to show your appreciation while silently speaking your thoughts about your work environment.

Monogram Business card Holder

66. Monogram Business Card Holder

Another business card holder, except this one can be personalized with a monogram or a custom design. Image is a very significant factor when presenting yourself to others and a personalized business card holder can help convey a defining presence and professional image.

Camera Lens Mug

67. Camera Lens Mug

A cleverly disguised coffee mug that looks like an interchangeable camera lens. If your coworker happens to be a photog and assuming they enjoy liquids (which is everyone, unless they like dying of thirst), then they’re going to love this camera lens mug.

Snoopy Eye Glasses Holder

68. Snoopy Eye Glasses Holder

If you’re coworker is a fan of Peanuts then they’ll definitely love this Snoopy eyeglasses stand – it’ll keep their glasses in sight and add happiness to their workspace. The back of his head is hollow so they store glasses accessories as well.


69. Waffleshots

Chocolate Waffle Shots are crispy waffle cones with delicious Belgian chocolate lining the inside and also have a hidden filling nestled at the bottom. Fill them with ice cream, espresso, liqueur or if the mood is right – a boozy ice cream cone shot that will steal your heart for good. Little Playful, ‘Lotta Yum.

desktop punching bag

70. Desktop Punching Bag

Do you usually get pugilistic urges when dealing with clients, boss or colleagues? Don’t risk losing your job by taking out that stress on them – instead, direct all that built-up I-want-to-punch-you-in-the-face frustration on this Desktop Punching Bag! You’ll have coworkers frequently come around to take a swing at it, and will definitely become a workplace favorite.

World Okest Employee

71. World’s Okayest Employee Mug

Your coworker might not always be on time, may not pay much attention, drags their feet and just plain not that invested in their job, but at least the job still gets done. This humorous mug that features the text “World’s Okayest Employee” is the perfect gift for that coworker who does just enough to scrape by at their job.

Coal Soap

72. Coal Soap

For the coworker who’s constantly naughty give them this sack of coal soaps so they can clean up their act. Getting past the cheekiness of this gift, you’ll find a formula of activated charcoal and essential oils that will benefit the skin in numerous ways. Lumps of coal isn’t just appropriate for Christmas, its great as a gift year-round.

Honey Sampler Pack

73. Honey Sampler Pack

Honey is pretty much universally loved, so why not give them a sampler set that contains six – two ounce jars of honey. The set features honey such as wildflower, tupelo, blackberry, acacia, holly and orange blossom.

Greeting cards

74. Pop-up Cards

LovePop Cards are three-dimensional pop-up cards made with micro details. They are made for many occasions and when the unsuspecting recipient opens the card, an intricate, three-dimensional shape full of detail springs to life; detailed and sure to delight, when a LovePop card unfolds it’s like a mini surprise party.

Cinema Letter Box

75. Cinema Letter Box

Décor is a means of expressing yourself, so why not spell it out? The cinema light box is a portable sign styled after classic movie marquees. It allows you to swap out your message by slipping in new letters and announce your memo by turning on the LED back-light. It comes with a total of 192 letters, numbers, symbols and emojis to say what you want, how you want it.

Go Away Cup

76. Go Away Cup

The perfect cup for that coworker who struggles with interacting with other people – it will help them in those awkward moments when a “Shut-The-Heck-Up” isn’t appropriate to blurt out loud. They might even find themselves refilling it over and over again just to keep people away.

Sumo Jerky Box

77. Sumo Jerky Box

Sumo Jerky features a curated selection of beef jerky from the highest-rated jerky chefs in the US. All jerkies included are minimally processed, minimally preserved, and less than 5g of sugar per serving. This box gives people the opportunity to try new brands and flavors they wouldn’t normally have access to.

Food and Animal Themed Pushpin Holders

78. Food and Animal Themed Pushpin Holders

Adorable food and animal shaped push pins and holders. The most noteworthy are the drool-worthy, pink-frosted donut eraser that’s “sprinkled” with colorful pins, EWE the sheep that will help keep you organized with its flock of pushpins and Maki tacks sushi pushpins that includes 50 pushpins to give it a delicious look.

Public Toilet Survival Kit

79. Public Toilet Survival Kit

If your coworker is a germaphobe then getting them a public toilet survival kit will be a fun and harmless way to poke fun at their obsession with cleanliness – that will most likely come into use someday. The kit comes equipped with all the tools needed to survive a trip into unknown territories.

Wiener Dog Tape Dispenser

80. Wiener Dog Tape Dispenser

Personalize your workspace with a sausage dog dispenser that comes with tape, bone-shaped paper clips and a magnetic doggy dish. Also, the paper clips turn to small penises when you use them… They knew exactly what they were doing when they designed them.

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