50 Garden Gnomes for Sale That You’ll Love

You can easily find all manner of garden gnomes while browsing the internet, but finding if those ornaments are for sale can be tough and usually ends up in disappointment.

We have searched and listed 50 of the most unique and funny garden gnomes for sale that include just about every type you can think of and that strike poses that stand heads above your standard, everyday garden gnome. Whether you are looking for a delightfully demure gnome to welcome to your guests, a rude gnome to send a warning message or down right naughty to spice up your garden, we have you covered.

The Ohm Gnome

1. The Ohm Gnome

The Ohm Gnome – or what I call him: Gnomaste. Sitting in a lotus position with his hands in meditative mudras and with a yin/yang symbol on his cap – what’s not to like? Although he is not very big, his charm and personality are HUGE.

Garden Gnome Statue

2. Biker Garden Gnome Statue

Biker gnome is styling it up with his leather biker gear: leather jacket, sunglasses, gloves and of course includes his gnome style hat and gnome boots. He is ready for his life on the property and will make a great posing buddy to get some pictures next to the ride.

The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

3. The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Does anyone remember the Great Garden Gnome Massacre? What a momentous day that was. Gnomezilla rose from the waters and had a taste for gnome blood – thousands of tasteless lawn ornaments perished on that day. Gnomezilla will keep your garden free from those tacky bearded elves.

Alfie the Acrobat Swinging Gnome

4. Alfie the Acrobat Swinging Gnome

Alfie never paid much heed about playing safely, unlike the other gnomes who are usually playing safely on the ground, you’ll find Alfie hanging upside down swinging high-up on a tree with ruddy cheeks and beaming a ready smile. Alfie will add a touch of whimsy to any tree he swings from.

Rain Gauge Gnome

5. Rain Gauge Gnome

Rain is the source of life for all plants and flowers in your garden. This charming fellow will bring luck to your garden and help keep track of how much rainfall your greenery is getting with a glass vial gauge that can measure up to 5 inches of rain. If you’ve never had a rain gauge before, this little guy gives you a good reason to get one.

The gNOme Smoking Garden Gnome

6. The gNOme Smoking Gnome

The gNOme Smoking garden gnome is a great way to mark a non-smoking zone outside on a patio or in buildings. No, if, ands or cigarette butts about it – go take your business of looking James Dean cool and your stale dragon breath alllll the way over there. You’re wilting the flowers with all that smoke dude.

Ghoulishly green Zombie Gnome

7. Ghoulishly Green Zombie Gnome

A ghoulishly green gnome that’s both colorful and detailed, and has just enough gore that it won’t creep out smaller kids. He also brought his cute frog skeleton pal along to shuffle around the garden

Perverted Little Gnome

8. Perverted Little Gnome

Some gnomes just can’t keep their emotions in check and just want to share it all. This is one of those guys. He represents that sketchy man in every neighborhood moms tell their kids to stay away from. Lucky for us, you can’t see his bits as he’s still wearing his underwear, but they look suspiciously lumpy. Seems like he’s a bit too eager and excited to show off his little friend.

George The Rocker Gnome

9. George The Rocker Gnome

George the Rocker Gnome puts ROCK in “Rock On!” George is all rock… all day long… even while doing laundry. Place George in your fairy garden and watch the fairies dance and rock next to him all night long. George will make you smile and make sure you have a rock-in day.

Gnome Holding Two Cans Statue

10. Drinking Buddy Gnome

This little guy can hold two cans or bottles of your choice. He can perfectly balance 0, 1, or 2 standard beer cans, soda cans or bottles. Drinking Buddy Gnome is always ready and willing to carry and share a drink with you and your buds.

Loonie Moonie Bare Buttocks Gnome

11. Loonie Moonie Bare Buttocks Gnome

Sporting a vertical smile, this mischievous mooning gnome will add a comic touch to your garden. Place this cheeky little fellow where he can extend his unusual welcome to all visitors so they can admire his delightful buttocks in all its glory.

Say What Again Garden Gnome

12. Say What Again Garden Gnome

A gnome with a short tempered attitude, you’ll be safe to traverse your garden only if you answer his questions quickly and without a lot of sniveling. This little guy is such a badass that his wallet probably says BMF on it. We dare you. We double you to put this big kahuna of a gnome in your garden.

Hear, Speak, See No Evil Gnomes

13. Hear, Speak, See No Evil Gnomes

This friendly trio of cheeky gnomes are full of personality and spunk. They’re recognized around the gnome community as the “three wise gnomes” for their hand gestures that represent the common proverb “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.” as to teach younger gnomes not to dwell on evil thoughts.

Ninja Garden Gnome

14. Ninja Garden Gnome

Ninja Gnome’s overweight problem doesn’t make him any less dangerous. In fact he’s more dangerous than a regular ninja since he’s part gnome part ninja – both hang out in the bushes and have a tendency to blend into their surroundings, making him more ruthless, efficient and most of all deadly. Those pesky weeds will never see him coming.

Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome

15. Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome

Do your neighbor’s gnomes keep crossing over to your side to spy on you? Have no fear, for this gnome-eating cat will surely keep them away, because sometimes you have to fight kitsch with kitsch and also because it’s plain darn funny to see a cat munching on them.

NINO Gnome

16. NINO Gnome

The NINO Gnome is the next generation gnome, or at least he hopes to be. Made entirely out of concrete and sports a low-poly imagery, NINO can handle serving as an actual lawn ornament, but the designer recommends this work of art as an indoor piece. The abstract nature and imperceptible optical corrections makes NINO unique and highly desirable.

The Selfie Sisters Gnomes

17. The Selfie Sisters Gnomes

These selfie sister gnomes clearly know how to take a good selfie, evident by the thousands of followers they have on social media. These sisters are dressed to the nines in their gnomey best and are ready for an avalanche of attention from desperate, single gnomes.

Atlas the Athletic Weightlifting Gnome

18. Atlas the Athletic Weightlifting Gnome

This gnome strongman shows off his bulging muscles by squatting what seems to be like, 5 pounds. Still, having your own weightlifting gnome could serve as a great motivator, as he will be a constant reminder and source of inspiration to get your scrawny butt to the gym.

Hungover Garden Gnome

19. Hungover Garden Gnome

Gnomes can usually hold their own when drinking with the best of ‘em, but this one hit the bottle of P-Gnome Grigio a bit too hard and passed out on a log. He’s definitely feeling it big time in the garden this morning and probably contemplating how he ended up where he is today.

Battle Gnome with Hammer

20. Battle Gnome with Hammer

This battle gnome may be small, but when he swings his mighty hammer, all other lawn ornaments flee in terror for fear of being smashed into pieces. Wearing full armor and fitted with a massive tiny hammer, he strikes fear in the heart of his enemies. The other gnomes know not to mess with this ever vigilant, savage battle gnome.

Military Garden Gnome

21. Military Garden Gnome

Jack the garden gnome will keep an ever vigilant watch, guarding the garden against invading squirrels and rabid coons. Choose between two uniforms: standard camouflage or traditional gnome attire. He’s also available in three poses: standing, kneeling or prone.

Handstand Henry

22. Handstand Henry

When you could use a little gnome magic at your entryway or flowerbed, Handstand Henry the garden gnome is at the ready and will hand-walk straight into your heart. Handstand Henry is a perfect example of a not-so-common gnome pose.

Sasquatch the Gnome Wrecker

23. Sasquatch the Gnome Wrecker

Bigfoot usually doesn’t have problems getting along with gnomes – it’s when gnomes get out of control, start ripping up gardens and causing havoc that he becomes The Gnome Wrecker. He’ll make quick work of those trouble-making whimsical rascals with one stomp at a time.

Gnome Greeter Collection

24. Gnome Greeter Hat Collection

The Gnome Greeter comes with nine interchangeable hats that cover all the holidays and a few other goofy hats. Whenever you feel the need to change his theme, just switch his hat for the appropriate holiday or occasion for a gnome that will fit in with your other holiday themed ornaments

Gnomeland Security Gnome

25. Gnomeland Security Gnome

Gnomeland Security Gnome doesn’t mess around when it comes to trespassers and he isn’t going to let any riff-raff happen while he’s on the property. Decked out in full security gear, he won’t let any shady characters get past him and promises to use his authority for good.

Far East Garden Fighters

26. Far East Garden Fighters

A pair of fighter gnomes who have traveled from the Far East seeking new challenges and opponents to test their skills. You would have to have some brave gnomes in your garden to challenge these two to a duel.

Gnome Solar Garden Light

27. Gnome Solar Garden Light

A cheerful gnome that comes with an integrated solar panel battery that charges during the day which allows the mushroom to automatically illuminate when it’s dark. He’ll be a beacon of light for other gnomes to keep them from getting lost.

Game of Gnomes

28. Game of Gnomes

Game of Gnomes will watch over the 7 kingdoms of your garden with a fair sense of justice, protecting it from weeds and gophers alike. While his iron throne (forged from a thousand rusty gardening tools) is not made from Valyrian steel, it is still highly detailed from throne to gnome and will make both garden critters and friends alike bend the knee.

Zen Garden Gnome Statue

29. Zen Garden Gnome

Peaceful and harmonized, the Zen Garden Gnome decided to strike a lotus position to stop and smell the roses and to focus on serenity. The little guy is so harmonized with his surroundings that birds even started to nest in his beard.

Garden Nightmares

30. Garden Nightmares

Bring your love of horror into the garden by filling it up with this horror-ful cast of characters that are straight from your nightmares. These masked murders will be sure to keep those damn kids off your lawn and might even scare your neighbor’s dog into fertilizing someone else’s lawn. Anyone who wants to mess with your Marigolds will have to survive an encounter with Freddy first.

Couch Potato Garden Gnome

31. Couch Potato Garden Gnome

While most garden gnomes are hard at work keeping a constant watch over the property, you’ll usually find coach potato in the back relaxing with his shoes off, drink in hand and with snacks at his side with only one remark to excuse himself “those reruns aren’t going to watch themselves, somebody’s gotta do it.”

Biker Gnome

32. Red Cap Biker Gnome

Another biker gnome complete with the usual biker gear. He’s got chains hanging from his pants and fire adorning his red cap. The back of his jacket has a detailed engraving with “garden outlaws gnomad” making this gnome – bad to the gnome.

It's 5 óclock somewhere

33. It’s 5 óclock somewhere Gnome

This gnome is a chiller! Just laid back and trying to have a good time. Always. Since ya know. It’s 5 óclock somewhere. You’re probably going to see an increase in beer cost with ownership of this gnome, since you’ll probably get that phrase stuck in your head, causing you to drink more often than usual.

Go Away Garden Gnome

34. Go Away Garden Gnome

Imaginatively sculpted, this gnome statue does not like getting his privacy invaded, greeting unwanted guest and anyone that so much as takes a side glance at him with an angry face and an eloquent flip-off. Go Away Gnome will be there for you on those days you just can’t be bothered with greeting guests.

Gottfried the Gigantic Gnome

35. Gottfried the Gigantic Gnome

At almost 4 feet tall, this monstrous gnome will certainly start a few conversations and will also be a high-impact piece wherever you decide to place this in your yard – the little gnomes might even get jealous that he’s stealing all the attention.

Meditating Red Robes Gnome

36. Meditating Red Robes Gnome

Another meditating gnome, except this one wears some traditional monk robes and Buddhist beads, with the figure’s back having detailed engraving of Chinese symbols meaning “ZEN”

Over the Line! Garden Gnome

37. Over the Line! Garden Gnome

Am I the only gnome who gives a shit about the garden rules?! The Over the Line Garden Gnome will be the only one in your garden that cares about following the rules and will make sure to keep the other rule-stepping gnomes in line with the threat of putting a few holes in them.

Star Trek Gnomes

38. Star Trek Gnomes

These Star Trek gnomes are the perfect way to geek up your garden. Your garden may change with the seasons, but part of it can live long and prosper with this set of Star Trek garden gnomes. We like the red shirt gnome – the little guy is lying on his side with crossed-out eyes, following in the footsteps of all redshirts that came before him.

Pondering Sylvester the Cynical Gnome Troll

39. Pondering Sylvester the Cynical Gnome Troll

We wonder what he’s wondering – at first glance you just know this judgmental little fella is wondering what you’re doing in his garden. Even though Mr. Skeptical will ponder and judge you, he will quickly win you over with his skepticism and become one of your garden favorites.

Zombie Garden Gnome

40. Zombie Garden Gnomes

This lumbering, undead lawn ornament isn’t something to be ignored, all creatures will think twice before nibbling on your tulips when this guy is roaming nearby. He wasn’t always like this though, “It’s just a scratch” he tells the other gnomes. A few days later it was clear it was more than a scratch. Now, he roams about the garden looking for some fresh brains to dine on.

Scarface Garden Gnome

41. Scarface Garden Gnome

We’ve all seen angry gnomes before, but have you ever seen one packing some serious heat? Those chipmunks are gonna be sorry they ever munched on the fruits of your gardening labor; critters will think twice before ruining your garden when there’s a crazy gun-toting garden gnome keeping a careful watch.

Roaming Gnome

42. Roaming Gnome

The Travelocity gnome might be one of the most iconic gnomes on the planet. He loves the sun and would love to take a break in your garden after all that traveling. There are a few different versions of this roaming gnome to choose from: snorkel, Hawaiian, Mexico and sunglasses.

The Gnominator

43. The Gnominator

The Terminator is back… but this time as a gnome: The Gnominator. Sci-fi fans will instantly recognize this cyberborg-turned-gnome and will always be saying “I’ll Be Back” whenever they leave. Recommend putting him by the front door as your home’s first line and last line of defense against T-1000 weedernators

Schlepping the Garden Gnomes Bigfoot

44. Schlepping the Garden Gnomes Bigfoot

Most people would place a garden gnome in their yard and call it a day, but a truly unique individual would plant a Bigfoot in their garden with gnomes piggybacking all over him. A Sasquatch statue can frighten visitors, there’s no denying that. But it can also cause plenty of smiles.

Gus the Garden Gnome

45. Gus the Garden Gnome

No garden is complete without a classic garden gnome. Standing tall, he’ll watch over your garden with a slight smile and arms behind his back. As he stands guard, he’ll watch contently at the passing butterflies, passing cats, birds and even that little patch of grass over there.

The Don Gnome

46. The Don Gnome

Every garden needs a Don to keep the family close and safe. Those garden critters will have to thread carefully while The Don is around – if they don’t want to end up sleeping with the fishes, they better not treat him or the family with disrespect.

Agent You Don’t Gnome Me

47. Agent You Don’t Gnome Me

Gnome-body knows the troubles his seen and Gnome-body knows his true identity. Agent Gnome sports all the classic spy gear: dark glasses, earpiece, trench coat and the suitcase. Plant him wherever you want him to eavesdrop on those bunnies or have him preside over meetings, if things go south, he’ll be there to bail you out.

The Butcher Garden Gnome

48. The Butcher Garden Gnome

Flamingos are a popular choice for tacky lawn ornaments and often share the garden with gnomes, however it seems some gnomes don’t take to kindly to competition and were getting sick of sharing the garden with their long legged neighbors. This little guy just finished beheading a flamingo – to subtly remind you that there’s only enough room for his kind as lawn decorations.

Gnome on a Throne

49. Gnome on a Throne

Step away from the ordinary gnome tradition and decorate your garden with a gnome on the throne in middle of a good read. If you have no problems with your neighbor’s dog taking a dump on your lawn, why not let a gnome whip up some fertilizer of his own?

Chia Pet Gnome

50. Chia Pet Gnome

A gnome Chia Pet that comes beardless but grows one out over time. While not a traditional garden gnome, this chia pet still makes a great gift for friends who have an army of gnomes in their back yard

How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack

How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack

Collecting gnomes is a noble hobby, but have you ever considered that those vicious pipsqueaks might be plotting a coup? If you think zombies and vampires are as bad as it gets, you haven’t seen anything yet. This little book on how to prepare yourself and your home for the onslaught of the Gnome hoards (and believe me they will come) gives us step-by-step instructions on dealing with those pointed hat predators.

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