80 Funny Gag Gift Ideas That Will Tickle Anyone’s Funny Bone

The best gifts are gifts that make them laugh; a well-received gag gift is always a treat, not just for the recipient, but for everyone involved in the exchange. Take a look at our list of hilarious gag gifts that will make anyone’s day a more cheerful one. We have listed a wide variety gags – from silly pranks to toilet humor. These gag gifts are definitely silly, but can also be oddly useful.
One Cup of Coffee Gigantic Mug

1. One Cup of Coffee Gigantic Mug

Why settle for a cuppa joe when you could have a whole pot of it! This huge mug holds a colossal 64 ounces so you can make yourself a ginormous brew of your favorite caffeinated beverage. Its humongous size also makes for a quirky item to display in your home as a little nod to your unhealthy drinking habits
prank box

2. Prank Boxes

Prank Pack Confuse and Amuse is a collection of prank gift boxes with each box featuring a ridiculous yet plausible product such as the Earwax Candle Kit, ToeTunes, and Bathe & Brew. Of course these products aren’t real and nothing is included in the box, this lets you pull off a hilarious gag gift-giving prank by putting your real gift inside the prank box.
Tiny Hands

3. Tiny Hands

These mini-props are a hilarious way to surprise (or creep out) people. Just pop-on a long sleeve shirt and your good to start your Tiny Hands shenanigans; high fives, handshakes, clapping, salutes, use them in public, freak out your cat, slap someone, they’re all infinitely more enjoyable with Tiny Hands.
 People of Walmart.com Coloring Book

4. People of WalMart Coloring Book

This coloring book brings the joy of people watching at WalMart to your own home to waste hours of time coloring whilst smirking over the unfortunate wardrobe decisions made by these poor souls.
redneck shotgun plunger

5. Redneck Shotgun Plunger

The Redneck Plunger adds a splash of comedy to an otherwise unpleasant task. Whenever a stink won’t sink, bust out the heavy gun, take aim and plunge away. It also makes real shotgun sounds with the pull of the trigger so you can imagine you’re firing off some slugs while you work
Bacon Strips Bandages

6. Bacon Strips Bandages

Add a little sizzle to your cuts, scratches and scrapes with these bacon themed bandages. The only downside to these bandages is that they might cause secondary injuries do to people attempting to bite you, which will require more bacon bandages, which will cause even more bites, etc. you get the idea. With these in hands, the next time someone gets hurt you can tell them “Put Some Bacon On It” and hand them one of these.
Grilled Cheesus

7. Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

With the Grilled Cheesus anyone can make grilled cheese sandwiches with the Lords likeness without having to wait for divine intervention to happen on its own. Cheesus lets you bring cheesy miracles to the table that can be recreated over and over again.
 Knock Knock Nifty Notes

8. Knock Knock Nifty Notes

Some people have no problem telling you about that time you messed up, but some do. So, for those who are too shy to speak up, but still want to express their feelings in an honest manner, Knock Knock Notes are for you. They let you harness the power of smartassery with checkboxes and venerable blank lines so you too can pass judgement and spit wit regardless of your verbal capabilities.
Dad Bag Fake Belly Waist Pack

9. Dad Bag Belly Waist Pack

If you’re new to the Dad scene and still haven’t had the time to develop a fancy Dad-bod yet, not to worry, it’ll come in due time. But in the meantime, you can just wrap this fanny pack around your waist, giving you the illusion of having a distinctive beer belly.
LICKI Cat Licker

10. LICKI Cat Licker

Have you ever wanted to lick your cat, but without dealing with the furballs? Now you can with the LICKI Brush – lets you lick your cat, like a cat. Thanks to the Licki Brush, us humans can go full crazy cat lady (or man) and give our feline friends a serious grooming to develop and strengthen our bond, much like a mama cat bonds with her young.
Handerpants - Underwear Gloves

11. Handerpants – Underwear Gloves

Tired of senseless rubbing damage while using your hands? Tired of chafing under gloves? Try Handerpants! Handerpants are simply stretchy fingerless gloves that look and feel like men’s underwear. Just slip these babies on for some extra warmth and protection from chaffing.
 Fanny Bank Funny Farting Bank

12. Fanny Farting Bank

The Farting Fanny Bank – drop some loot and hear it toot! Its design alone already makes it more fun than a piggy bank, but what puts it over the top is the loud and disgusting fart it rips when you drop down some coins. It makes saving money a real gas! It’s fun, practical, entertaining and perfect for the practical jokester in your life (or yourself).
Lazy Readers

13. Lazy Readers

If you’re a lay-in-bed-at-night kind of reader then these will change your life! These prism glasses or better known as the Lazy Readers, let you read in bed while lying down – without having to tilt your head by transforming your view to a 90 degree downward angle. Truly a lazy person’s ultimate accessory.

14. Bag of Farts

Farts in a bag, a gift that guarantees a smile and a few laughs. Each design contains a snack sized bag of cotton candy and is aptly named to make this gift a real gas. The farts are locally sourced for maximum freshness and best of all, gluten free.
Yodelling Pickle

15. Yodelling Pickle

Push the bottom on this electronic pickle and this silly dilly lets out an impressive yodel that will turn even the sourest of expressions into a smile. Once you overcome the initial shock of hearing a pickle yodel and how ridiculously funny it is – you’ll end up getting carried “away-eeee-hoo!” pushing its button.
Giant Wooden Pencil

16. Giant Wooden Pencil

Straight from the land of giants. This pencil functions in all the great ways that a real pencil does with two downsides. Unless you have Dumbo sized ears, you probably won’t be able to tuck this behind your ear. The other is trying to find a pencil sharpener, nothing a sword can’t handle though.
Emergency Clown Nose

17. Emergency Clown Nose

The Emergency Clown Nose lets you pop-on an instant pick-me-up. With this, the healing power of comedy is available in an over-the-counter form – you know what they say: laughter is the best medicine. Side-effects may include giggle-fits, almost peeing yourself and shortness of breath. Remember to always carry this around for safety reasons – you wouldn’t want to be caught joke-less.
How to Traumatize Your Children

18. How to Traumatize Your Children

Since we’re all bound to traumatize our children in some way, isn’t it best to choose your method in advance? This parody parenting book will illuminate the best way to traumatize your children and contribute to the success of the psychotherapy career field.
USB Office Stress Relief Enter Key Pillow

19. USB Stress Relief Enter Key Pillow

The USB enter key pillow is perfect for people who are chair bound in an office all day. It can serve as pillow so you can catch some sleep, but its main purpose is to function as a stress relief USB enter key so you can pound down to release some of that pent up frustration and show your colleagues you’re not in a talkative mood.
Fart Filters

20. Fart Filters

The Subtle Butt gas neutralizers are infused with activated charcoal to neutralize flatulence gas odors. In other words, they’re fart filters. They will spare your beloved family members or anyone unlucky enough to be standing near you when you willfully violate their airspace with your noxious kamikazes.
Exploding Kittens Card Game

21. Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding Kittens is a highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian roulette, it’s a card game for people who are into explosions, kittens, laser beans and sometimes goats. So pretty much everyone. From diffusing a Kitten Card with catnip sandwiches or belly rubs to donning a portable cheetah butt to skip turns, this silly game will surely take a prime spot on your weekend game night.
 Pro Thumb Wrestler

22. Pro Thumb Wrestler

The Pro Thumb Wrestling Ring is built with real turnbuckles, elastic ropes and thumb-holes for all shapes and sizes – taking the average thumb wrestling match up a notch. This two-player ring allows your aspiring superstar thumb to put the ultra-lightweight title belt on the line against anyone brave enough to challenge you.
Bogeyman Egg Separator

23. Bogeyman Egg Separator

The Bogey Man Egg Separator adds a gross flair to separating egg whites – tip him and watch as slimy, snotty egg whites come oozing out of the nostrils. A seasoned chef who appreciates a bit of gross humor will likely come to appreciate this egg separator for both its function and looks.
Jumbo Stainless Steel Flask

24. Jumbo Stainless Steel Flask

A jumbo stainless steel flask for not-so-discreetly carrying liquor around. The comically oversized flask can hold an entire handle of hard alcohol that will either help you make some new friends or help you forget you don’t have any. This flask will keep you drinking for a very long time. Sorry, liver.
Rubber Chicken Purse

25. Rubber Chicken Purse

Cluck yourself up with this refreshingly unique take on a hand bag. We’re not clucking around, this hen bag is sure to put your day on its sunny side up. This spacious tote bag has a plucking load of uses. Feeling a bit peckish? Fill it with snacks. Be bold and daring – break out of your shell and take it out on your hen night out and you’ll be the hottest chick in town.
Gene Simmons Toilet Paper Holder

26. KISS Gene Simmons Toilet Paper Holder

Gene Simmons Toilet Paper Holder, what more can I say? You put this over your toilet paper so you can use his “tongue” to wipe your behind. I say they were pretty hammered when they green-lighted this product and I’m glad they did because this thing is hilarious.
Cape Socks

27. Super Hero Caped Socks

Give your feet an alter ego with the caped super hero socks so you can impress and possibly frighten anyone who is looking to cause trouble. Whenever you see a baddie looking to stir up trouble just lift the hem of your pants, and voila: secret identity revealed and ready to kick some butt.
Slap It Light

28. Slap It Light

Everyone enjoys slapping a nice shapely butt, especially one that actually gets “turned on” by slapping, pinching or squeezing it. Most might be opposed to decorating their home with butt lamps, but once you give it a try it’ll hard to resist. If you do decide to hang one up, it’ll help you refrain from slapping any real behinds, as you would get all the butt-slapping action out of this hilarious jiggly lamp.
Redneck Backscratcher

29. Redneck Backscratcher

So some redneck looked at a rake and thought “that would make a good backscratcher” then made a mini version of one and called it a day. So you could say it lives up to its name and will get ‘er done with its massive tines when you need to scratch that back itch.
Crap Taxidermy

30. Crap Taxidermy

A sick, yet funny look at what happens when taxidermy goes terribly wrong. Crap Taxidermy is a book with 96 pages filled with the most spectacularly bad attempts at taxidermy, failing to capture the glory of the original animal and is more like someone tried to pass salvaged roadkill off as a hunting trophy.
Prescription Coffee Mug

31. Prescription Coffee Mug

Ah yes, my daily dose of caffeinated beverages, just what the doctor ordered. The Rx prescription coffee mug is physician recommended and endorsed. I mean, how can you not trust a doctor with a name like Dr. Harold Feelgood? The doc always said “three cups of joe a day keeps the doctor away!”
 Prescription Pill Bottle Drink Kooler

32. Prescription Pill Bottle Drink Kooler

Not feeling so great after a rough day at the office? Have dullness, boredom and lame party syndrome? Dr. Harold Feelgood has just the thing to remedy such ailments. He recommends an intake of a few cans of your favorite sudsy brew, take one can every 10 minutes and repeat until intoxicated.
 Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

33. Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

Have a cat? Why not turn it into a uni-cat? This inflatable unicorn horn is designed specifically for cats with an elastic strap that holds comfortably on a feline’s noggin. Getting that horn onto the cat may be slightly dangerous though – because we all want to get scratched up a dozen times while dressing our jerk kitties.
Can of Whoop-Ass

34. Can of Whoop-Ass

You know how sometimes we say we’re gonna open a can of whoop ass on someone? Well now you can literally open a can of whoop ass before you get medieval on theirs. Don’t forget though, you can’t just open the can of whoop ass, you have to open it, whoop some ass and then pour it all over them after the whoop down.
 Public Toilet Survival Kit

35. Public Toilet Survival Kit

Get yourself the public toilet survival kit to guard yourself from untold illnesses and dangers of using public restrooms. Thoughtfully equipped, each kit comes packed with two antiseptic wipes, toilet seat cover and a pair of disposable gloves which should be more than enough to survive a trip to a neglected public restroom.
Giant Stash Pillowcase

36. Giant Stash Pillowcase

Hit the hay with your own simulated sack of Mary Jane. The pillow case resembles a see-through Ziploc bag full of marijuana labeled with one of the most popular strains. It also has an internal pouch that you can use to store some of your herbs for some epic aromatherapy sessions.
 the grill sergeant apron

37. The Grill Sergeant Apron

Arm yourself with the grill sergeant apron and own the grill. Styled to be military-esque, The Grill Sergeant will easily stow an arsenal of grilling tools and condiments so your hands are free to work their magic when you’re grilling up a feast. Oh, and did I mention it has a shoulder bandolier belt that holds six beers? This apron has space for everything needed for an afternoon or evening of uninterrupted cooking on the BBQ.

38. Shakespeare Insults Poster

An infographic that is chock-full of colorful insults from Shakespeare. Each one of these bawdy jobs is a mini-masterpiece of raunchy, rancorous Renaissance wit – that are also categorized and reference their play of origin.

39. The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers

Necessity is the mother of invention, and when these students are faced with a question they have no hope of getting right, they decide to have a little fun instead. It’s a touching, funny and oh-so-real look at everyday blunders. This clever collection of longshots is sure to bring smiles to any student, teacher, or professor.
The Butt Station

40. The Butt Station

The Butt Station Office Supply holder will spruce up any work environment. The little guy uses his arms to hold a roll of tape with his feet serving as the sharp end to cut-off tape. The mouth holds a single pen and has more room for more pens on the back. The toilet bowl is for paper clips and when you pick him up the paper clips stick to his magnetic butt.
The Beast Giant Fist Drink Kooler

41. The Beast Giant Fist Drink Kooler

The GIANT fist kooler for when you’re hit with a giant, monster-sized thirst. This hulk sized foam kooler packs a big punch with every chug of your drink and it’s also great to intimidate those thirsty guests who might be eyeing your sudsy beverage.
Viking Knit Beard Hat

42. Viking Knit Beard Hat

Don one of these bearded hats to unleash your inner Viking. The horned helm and 20-inbraided beard will turn anyone into a modern marauder. These masks not only add a fun element to any look but will also keep your chin toasty during the chilly time of year. Can be worn year round since summer heat doesn’t bother a real Viking anyway.
 Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

43. Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

This Wine Bottle Glass is located somewhere between “classy” and “passed out bum holding his bottle”. This completely outrages glass/bottle is able to hold 750ml – that’s an entire bottle in just a single glass. Yeah, I can already hear the phrase “Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs!”
Screaming Goat

44. Screaming Goat

This little guy screams. Yeah. That’s right. A screaming goat. He stands there patiently and when you give him a press he screams his guts out. He’ll be an excellent outlet for resolving frustrations in your home. Whenever a conflict arises just nudge the lil’ guy to get a gratifying screech, chuckle and move on with your day.
Bullshit Button

45. Bullshit Button

The red alert Bullshit Button says exactly what everyone is thinking when a pathological liar keeps on running their mouth. No friend, relative, boss, or colleague will dare to spew bullshit at you again after calling them out a few times with the BS alarm. Features 5 laugh-worthy bullshit phrases to help curb the ridiculousness that surrounds us all by putting those who spew nonsense in their place.
Pizza Socks Box

46. Pizza Socks Box

These socks come rolled up like slices of pizza and come packed in a pizza box, with each box containing four pairs of delicious looking socks. These socks will keep your feet fresh-out-of-the-oven warm – just try not to gnaw on your own feet though. That’s weird.
Maybe You Touched Your Genitals

47. Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer

We all know a guy, or have suspicions of a guy who does shady stuff in the office. In fact, we’re pretty damn certain of what he does on his lunch break. This Hand Sanitizer doesn’t ask questions, but rather prepares you for the nastiest germs in circulation. Just offer him a squirt of “Maybe you touched your genitals” sanitizer to kill 99.99% of germs and the dreaded cootie virus on contact the next time he wants to touch your stuff.
Fifty Shades of Chicken

48. Fifty Shades of Chicken

Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook tells the adventures of Miss Chicken as her hot, hungry and irresistibly domineering chef takes her through 50 erotically delicious recipes. It includes cheeky recipe titles like “Plain Vanilla Chicken” and “Steamy White Meat” each getting more and more blush-worthy as the adventure of Miss Chicken goes on.
 Emergency Underpants

49. Emergency Underpants

Tend to spring a leak when you laugh a lil’ to hard? Tend to get a bit sweaty in the family jewels? The Uh Oh emergency Underpants are always there for whenever a mishap happens. It’s an indispensable item to have before a big job interview or whenever a particularly scary or stressful situation threatens to ruin your day. Better safe than soggy, I always say.
Anonymously Send a Bag Of Dicks

50. Anonymously Send a Bag Of Dicks

This bag of gummy dicks is perfect to send to an old boss, friends, family or just that brown-nosing douchebag at the office. The best part is that it ships anonymously to your target. After some time, you can either tell them you were the mastermind behind such devious prank or never tell them, leaving them to wonder what they ever did to deserve a bag of dicks.
Boyfriend Pillow

51. Boyfriend Pillow

Have you been a boyfriendless streak for far too long? Longing to cuddle but don’t have something or someone to cuddle with? Say no more! This little baby can take care of that problem, you’ll be able to lose yourself in a warm, wonderful embrace; one never too weary to cuddle and comfort you.
Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

52. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Ever thought of stepping in on your friends growing out of control cat situation? Have you been giving some thought on the best way to let someone know that 6 cats may be a few too many? If yes is your answer, then getting them an action figure of what they might resemble in the future might prevent them from growing their cat collection.
Prank Spray

53. Prank Spray

Liquid Ass is a powerful, noxious way to dominate any prank war. It faithfully captures the aroma of the most deplorable human excrement with a series of blended ingredients that are so potent in odor, they can make the victims gag and eye’s water. It’s the essence of human foulness bottled for your pranking pleasure.
The Beer Mitt

54. The Beer Mitt

The Beer Mitt won’t let a cold day ruin a perfectly good beer. It will keep your hand toasty while you sip on some brew; this bad boy is meant to keep your hand warm and dry, while your beer stays cold. Great for drinking beer while having a smoke or just taking a stroll on those chilly days.
Toilet Mug

55. Toilet Mug

Who said drinking from the toilet was bad? Most of us won’t understand what it’s like to drink from a toilet, but with this mug designed to look like a toilet, you’ll know exactly what it feels like. This mug will definitely spice up your morning cup of joe and will give you plenty to think about while you’re taking sip.
 Canned Unicorn Meat

56. Canned Unicorn Meat

Canned Unicorn meat will change your life – it has the magical powers to cure all ailments and is truly the tastiest meat you can buy in a can. This stuff is like SPAM on steroids so try not to eat too much of it at once, else you might risk getting the rainbow runs for a week.
Go Girl

57. Go Girl

The GoGirl is a discreet and hygienic way that lets girls take care of business while standing up. The pretty pink pipe also affords some leeway to give some direction to the stream, making a pee in the woods or behind a back alley a clean controlled activity. No more crouching over or trying to cover up an unsanitary public toilet with this.
How Not to Be a Dick

58. How Not to Be a Dick

A fun, and funny book that covers basic etiquette advice ranging from parties to airports to showing common decency online. It’s a pretty good guideline to aid you in not being a dick. If everyone could learn to be more considerate and a little less, well, dickish, then the world would be a happier place.
Bacon Soap

59. Bacon Soap

Wash away all that grime and unsightly germs with bacon soap. I mean how much do you love your bacon? Enough to smell like it? Because this oinktastic slab of soap is infused with the heavenly aroma of frying bacon.
Flair Hair Visor

60. Flair Hair Visor

Ever wanted to look like a douchebag but don’t want to commit to the look? Not a problem with the Flair Hair hat. Just put this thing on your head and voila: instant douchebag. If you’ve always wanted a spiky, sun-kissed hairdo that resembles a carnivorous scalp fungus here is your chance!
Happy Man Bottle Stopper

61. Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Wanna take a guess as to how this bottle stopper got its name? It’s because he absolutely loves corking bottles! This chappy lil’ fella is big enough to fit the average wine or spirits bottle, but there’s nothing average about him, that’s for sure. It’s safe to say that he’ll outperform and outlast all the other bottle stoppers.

62. Giantmicrobes

I guess anything can be made to look cute and adorable if you fashion it into a cuddly plush. GIANTmicrobes will let you cuddle with your favorite disease and will be a reminder that there is an “invisible” universe filled with very small cute things that will do incredible damage to much bigger things. They’re humourous, educational, and fun.
Crochet Cthulhu Mask

63. Crochet Cthulhu Mask

Don this handcrafted crochet mask and become Cthulhu, the Lovecraftian deity and watch as plebs bask in your tentacular glory and worship you as the Great Old One, for you are cozy and will show no mercy. Wearing sunglasses underneath will give you a more menacing look.
A Mix 'n' Match Profanity Generator

64. A Mix ‘n’ Match Profanity Generator

When your trash-talk creativity tank is running on low, use this unique spiral-bound book to create humorous and socially unacceptable curse words for any and all situations. Because face it, sometimes a run-of-the-mill curse word just won’t do. It has all of your favorite go-to words, plus a few extra that combine to create an unexpectedly hilarious profanity that will never leave you without a clever comeback, ever.
 Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock

65. Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock

They can sweet talk you and steal your heart, but don’t let them steal a single scoop of your ice cream with this pint lock. With this little gadget, hungry roommates, children or significant other will no longer be able to steal your frozen goodness.
Your Pet As A Pokemon Card

66. Your Pet or Yourself As a Pokemon Card

Step by Step Studio creates a one of a kind personalized Pet or Trainer Pokemon card that’ll change the status of you or your little buddy from nothing to an instant legend. You’ll be able to include your preferences such as the Pokemon type, attacks and description.
I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

67. I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

This hilarious book of tongue-in-cheek poetry reveals kitties at their wackiest, and most exasperating – with poems like ‘Who Is That On Your Lap,’ and ‘Kneel Before Me,’ this quirky book will surely induce laughter and show the true diversity of cat-poets.
100 Dollar Bill Toilet Roll

68. 100 Dollar Bill Toilet Roll

Do you have dreams of being rich enough to flush money down the toilet? Dream no more! Now you can with this authentic looking $100 bill toilet paper roll. If you’re all about the Benjamins, then consider investing this big buck bathroom necessity that won’t break the bank.
Bike Balls

69. Bike Balls

These nutty bike lights will swing merrily to and fro as you bike along. They house a powerful red LED to make you more visible and noticeable, making your commute safer as you ride through the city streets at night. Just give them a light squeeze to turn them on (kinda like the real thing). Riding through the city sharing the road with those crazy disgruntled drivers takes huge balls so show ‘em what you got.
Don't Even Ask Wine Glass

70. Don’t Even Ask Wine Glass

A wine glass that will allow you to say what’s on your mind just by pouring. With incremental marks that literally indicate how awful or good your day has been, people around you will know when to stay away and leave you be to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine.
Chair Socks with Cat Paw Design

71. Chair Socks with Cat Paw Design

Cat Paw Chair Socks aren’t just cute, they’re functional too. The socks transform your seat’s legs into feline feet to cushion them to get rid of that horrendous screeching noise that’s annoying but also potentially damaging to the floor and chair. Aside from just looking cute, they give your floors nine more lives and your ears a rest.
Deal with it glasses

72. Deal With it Glasses

The Deal with it glasses, even if you’re not a jerk, you can take comfort in knowing that you can instantly look like one the moment you put these memetastic glasses on. They’re great for cosplay and awesome for styling on your enemies.
Animal Butt Magnets

73. Animal Butt Magnets

If you’re looking for a goofy magnet for your fridge or filing cabinet, look no further. Despite their behind-focus theme, each animal can be readily recognizable. There are a few different sets of animals, such as farm animals, which contain cows, bulls and horses to fierce safari hunters such as lions and cheetahs. These animal butt fridge magnets are sure to be popular gag gift with the kids.
Images You Should Not Masturbate To

74. Images You Should Not Masturbate To

Finally! a book whose images you can just enjoy platonically without feeling compelled to pleasure yourself with every turn of the page. Though some of you might be like “don’t tell me what i can’t do” and still do it out of spite or just because you like a challenge.
 Inflatable Swan-Thing Pool Float

75. Inflatable Swan-Thing Pool Float

Forget about those normie pool floats, the awkward swan-thing is here to take the spotlight. It’s a Swan without the beak or tail with a blank expression; unlike its majestic cousins, the swan-thing is as awkward as us while serving as an adorably humorous pool accessory.
Mustache Pacifier

76. Mustache Pacifier

These mustachioed pacifiers will quell a wail while giving the illusion that your child was fathered by Tom Stelleck. The Mustachifier comes in three distinct ‘stache styles: The Ladies Man, The Gentleman and The Cowboy. Coupling lower brows with a device that minimizes a baby’s incessant crying is pure genius.
Pop it Pal

77. Pop it Pal

Pop It Pal is a grossly, satisfying pimple popping toy – designed to look and feel like a blackhead extraction. Those who have an affinity for popping zits might be interest in this rather unique toy and is even a healthier alternative to picking at your own skin.
The Willy Warmer

78. The Willy Warmer

This colorful creation is intended to keep the male junk snug and warm for when it’s really cold outside; when your man is craving for some extra warmth down there, keep his junk warm and toasty with the Willy Warmer. It is the perfect gift for men who HATE winter’s chill.
 Mini Curbside Trash and Recycle Can

79. Mini Curbside Trash and Recycle Can

Bring a bit of simple charm to your tabletop or desk with this eye-catching Mini Trash Can & Recycle Can Pencil Cup Set. These miniature containers come complete with closeable tops and real wheels, making it easy to move around whenever you decide to roleplay a Garbage Collector.
Bad Parking Business Cards

80. Bad Parking Business Cards

Rather than getting hot and heated over someone’s incredible bad parking job, unleash your righteous anger with these “you suck at parking” business cards and walk away with a grin on your face. Having the opportunity to convey the words that run across inside your head when you encounter a Neanderthal quality parking job is a blessing in disguise.
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