41 Awesome Fishing Gifts That any Fisherman Will Appreciate

First a few words on rods and reels – you can kick those out for the reason that there are hundreds of them and fishermen/anglers who are passionate about his/her hobby tend to be very brand oriented and only they know what kind of rod they want next. Without giving it away and asking what’s next on their rod/reel list you’ll most likely get it wrong, especially if you’re not much into fishing yourself.

With that said how do you choose the best gift for fishing enthusiasts? It can be a daunting task to say the least, but it doesn’t have to be. This comprehensive fishing gifts list focuses on practical gear and fishing themed items that are sure to be appreciated. This list has something for everyone, be it husband, boyfriend, dad or granddad.

fishing rod cady

1. Rod-Runner Pro Fishing Rod Rack

The Rod-Runner Fishing Rod Caddy makes it easy to safely and securely transport up to 5 rods when traveling in one hand with ease. It helps protect the rods and reels while also avoiding tangled lines, broken guides and costly repairs.

The Rodfather T-shirt

2. The Rodfather T-shirt

“A man who doesn’t spend time fishing can never be a real man.” This shirt is perfect for those who love fishing as much as The Godfather and have the knack of casting bait fish just can’t refuse.

Fish Head Can-Coolers

3. Fish Head Can-Coolers

These can-swallowing fish heads come in a few different models: walleye, trout, catfish and bass. Whoever you give this to will never leave home without it on their next fishing trip. Made out of durable, vinyl construction and will keep their drinks cool on those hot, summer days.

Leatherman - Super Tool 300 Multitool

4. Leatherman – Super Tool Multitool

A cutting blade, screwdriver, file and fliers are indispensable items that every fisherman should always carry, because the last thing any fisherman wants is dealing with broken lines without the right tools to deal with. And what better way to carry most if not all the tools you need than in a compact pocket multi-tool.

Custom Fishing Lures Personalized for Every Occasion

5. Custom Fishing Lures Personalized for Every Occasion

Promo Lures are custom fishing lures that are personalized for every occasion; best man, retirement gift, father’s day, birthdays, tournaments and many others. They can also be made with either real fishing hooks or as a key ring.

Fishing Cart

6. Berkley Fishing Cart to Carry all Your Fishing Gear

Berkleys Fishing Cart allows you to efficiently manage and transport up to 200 lbs. of fishing gear to your favorite fishing spot. You won’t have to make multiple trips from your vehicle to your fishing spot with this cart.

Giant Fish Shaped Pillows to Snuggle and Cuddle

7. Fish Shaped Pillows to Snuggle and Cuddle

Oh my cod. Giant. Fish. Pillows. These giant fish pillows and their friends give style a serious baiting. Length wise the pillows are 3 to 4 ft. long and come packed to the gills with super-soft filling. There are two places where you can get these fishtastic pillows: On Cabela.com and an Etsy Seller.

R/C Fishing Boat

8. R/C Fishing Boat

An R/C boat that is equipped with a pre-rigged hook, swivel and bobber, this gives it the ability to catch fish. You’re able to position the boat where traditional fishing lines can’t be cast from and has enough power to tow a fish up to four pounds. You might not catch record breaking fish but it does offer a rather unique way to catch fish than your usual fishing experience.

Mystery Tackle Box

9. Mystery Tackle Box

The Mystery Tackle Box is a monthly lure subscription service that comes filled with baits, lures, spinners and many more that are trusted by the pros. You can choose the type of fish you catch the most and can change to a different species anytime.

Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

10. Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

Hey guys, did I ever tell you about the time I roasted a marshmallow THIS BIG and a wiener THIS FAT? With the Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster you’ll be able to roast all your favorite campfire food “fisherman style”. Giving the pole a quick jig will flip your food for even toasting. This flipping-fun roaster is sure to occupy a prime spot in your camping tackle box.

Earthpak Waterproof Backpack

11. Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack

Dry bags that last for years and protect your belongings from the elements, making it suitable for even the most rugged users and fishermen who aren’t afraid of a little rain. Just toss your fishing gear inside, roll it down, and you’re good to go on your next fishing adventure. It also includes a waterproof phone case with clear windows that allow you to use and take pictures.

Metal Fish Magic Soap

12. Metal Fish Magic Soap

The sign of a good fishing day is the smell of fish on your hands. However, carrying that fishy smell with you at the end of the day is less than ideal. The Magic Soap Fish, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, is an everlasting bar that is very effective at neutralizing lingering fish and bait scents. Just scrub your hands on this metal fish in cold water to make those odors disappear.

Deeper Sonar

13. Deeper Wireless Sonar

The Deeper wireless sonar system takes the guesswork out of fishing by precisely mapping the body of water to find fish in depths up to 130 feet and syncs the data to your smartphone; simply cast it out into the water to scan to send the information straight to your smartphone. Suitable for kayak, ice, tube, bank, river – pretty much any type of fishing.

Fishing Ring Line Cutter

14. Fishing Ring Line Cutter

A ring with adjustable Velcro straps and double sided blades that can be used to cut fishing lines without the need of taking out other tools. The top of the ring guards the blades, making it safe to use even for children. Wrap it around your finger or fishing rod and say hello to struggle free line cutting.

Antimicrobial Bait Towel

15. Antimicrobial Bait Towel

Handling live bait, pastes and big fish can get messy and the perfect way for cleaning up all that slime and blood is with super absorbent antimicrobial fishing towels. Each towel also comes with a carabiner so you can clip them to belts or backpacks for hands-free use.

Fish Utensils

16. Fish Utensils

Have you been fishing for that perfect summer-fun flatware? Look no further. This 5 piece Gone Fishin’ flatware is quite the catch, with each piece crafted to look like a fish, right down to the tail, fins and eyes. Made from stainless steel, each piece shines with a bright hi-luster finish.

Potty Fishing

17. Potty Fishing

Potty Fishing or better yet, “Hook, Line and Stinker” lets you practice while taking care of business. Just sit back, relax and toss a few lines. You know what they say, “All true fishermen are ready to cast their lines at any time”. With this game every bathroom trip is sure to be a fun fishing experience.

PowerCap Built-in Lantern Lighted Hat

18. PowerCap Built-in Lantern Lighted Hat

The POWERCAP is a combination of function and form that provides hands free dual action LED lighting with a batter life lasting up to 43 hours. It eliminates the need of a headlamp while you’re out fishing at night.

19. Fishing Tie-Clips

Express your individuality and love for fishing with these fishing styled tie clips. There’s more than a handful to choose from, all with amazing detail and are available in (depending on the seller) Sterling Silver, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, gold or stainless steel.

Fish Sandals

20. Fish Slippers

They’re slippers, but they’re also, like, fish. What more do you want? These slippers are, quite literally, off the hook, but they’re not just slippers though, they are a way of life; they will have you instantly hooked and reeling for more.

Compact Foldable Seat

21. Fishing Friendly Compact Foldable Seat

SitGo is a small extending seat that is small enough to fit in a pocket or bag. It extends so you can enjoy the benefits of portable chair without being a burden to bring along, which is nice to have on those long days you’re out fishing on the bank.

Fishing-Opoly Board Game

22. Fishing-Opoly Board Game

When you can’t go fishing and get stuck at home on the weekend you can still play Fishin’-Opoly, a fishing-themed board game that will reel you in – hook, line and sinker. It’s all fun and games until someone lands on SNAG and ends up losing three turns.

Fishing Floating Tube

23. Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Take to the lake with the Cumberland Flat Tube, a versatile inflatable with an extra-high seat for comfortable, drier fishing and improved visibility. This tube is a very easy way to get out on the water to catch some fish.

Cooling Towel

24. Cooling Towel

Fishing out in the open where there’s little to no shade can sometimes be a drag. Even when you have bucket hat to shield your head from rays, you’re body temperature rises. The Chill Pal offers a quick and easy solution to overheating on those humid hot days by instantly cooling to 30 degrees below average body temperature and stays cool for up to 2 hours when wet.

Hammerhead Shark Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

25. Hammerhead Shark Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

Give your drinks a little more bite with the Hammerhead shark bottle opener. This nifty tool is actually two-tools-in-one with the hammerhead nose being an easy grip corkscrew and the mouth functioning as the bottle opener.

Ocean Reel Salt and Pepper Mills

26. Ocean Reel Salt and Pepper Mills

Reel ‘Em In with these salt and pepper grinders patterned after a classic fishing reel. The reels are constructed from anodized aluminum and marine grade stainless steel that won’t clog, jam and resist corrosion. They will bring the memories of time spent on the water every time crank the grinding mechanism.

Water Proof Socks

27. Water Proof Socks

Dry feet are a must when fishing but for those of us who don’t like wearing boots a pair of waterproof socks will keep your feet nice and dry. They strike a balance of comfort and balance and you can wear them with any footwear.

Fishing Rod Organizer

28. Fishing Rod Organizer

Does your fisherman have trouble storing his fishing gear? Are all those piled-up rods and reels giving you headaches? A simple solution to all this is getting a rod rack to turn all that clutter into an organized chaos.

Mikov Fish Folding Knife

29. Mikov Fish Folding Knife

The legendary Rybicka (“Fishie”) pocket knife has a long story behind it. It has been in production for over 100 years in the Czech Republic and is traditionally given to boys as their first knife. It is a symbol many Czech recognize and has gained popularity in many countries. Makes for a great fishing gift.

Underwater Drone for Fishermen

30. Underwater Drone for Fishermen

The PowerRay is an underwater drone that can find, attract and record fish; able to shine lights and drop bait to attract fish and record or take photos of them. It’s equipped on all levels with a 4K Ultra HD camera; it can snap full 12 megapixel photos or record video at 3840 x 2160 resolution. Fish finders are nothing new, there are sonar systems that help you locate fish, the PowerRay however gives you a “fish eye view” and lets you move around or attract them.

 Fishing Reel Talking Alarm Clock

31. Fishing Reel Talking Alarm Clock

Housed in a classic Peetz salmon fishing reel and pre-loaded with a handsome green line to complement its design, The PEETZ Fishing Reel Desk Clock imitates the ripping sound a reel makes when a fish takes the bait with a few comments by a fellow fisherman – “Hey wake up you got a bite, let him take it, let him take it whooaaa!!”

Vacuum Food Sealer for Fish

32. Vacuum Food Sealer for Fish

When your fisherman brings home his catch consider buying him a compact vacuum sealer system to help keep fish fresh longer and help prevent freezer burn and spoilage. With the touch of a single button, you can vacuum seal all your fish in individual pouches for easy storage, letting you enjoy fish all year round, not just the day it was caught.

Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted LED Tackle Backpack

33. Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted LED Tackle Backpack

The Tackle Tek Nomad backpack will keep all your fishing gear organized. It comes with an integrated LED light to help with visibility in low light conditions, features a molded sunglasses holder, a front pocket that folds down to provide a handy work surface, rain cover to keep your gear dry and plenty of small and large compartments to organize all your fishing gear.

Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Cap

34. Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Cap

A must have flap hat for all fishermen who are out fishing in direct sunlight often as it covers the face and neck to stop those UV rays. The long neck flap and mask can be removed to turn it into a bucket hat on those days when the sun isn’t scorching you down.

I'm a Hooker fishing T-shirts

35. I’m a Hooker Fishing T-shirts

Your secret is out with the “I’m a hooker on the weekends” shirt. Only recommend for those shameless guys/gals who take every opportunity (sometimes neglecting their responsibilities) to go out to hook some fish.

Lifestraw Water Filter

36. Lifestraw Water Filter

If you’re the type that likes carrying as little as possible while you’re out fishing, having a LifeStraw at hand will lighten your load by providing you with access to clean drinking water in the field – no need to carry water bottles or coolers, just simply drink from the lake, stream or river. It’s also great to have for emergencies in case you ever find yourself in unfavorable situations with no clean water sources around.

Marling Platter

37. Casted Aluminum Marlin Platter

This beautiful big game platter captures the detail and grace of the mighty marlin and serves both as a great serving piece as well as a classy accent decoration piece; the Marlin Serving Platter is perfect for serving up your catch of the day.

Portable Electronic Fish Scale

38. Portable Electronic Fish Scale

As every fisherman knows, fish are the only thing that continues to grow after every story you tell about them. That’s why having a tool to give you accurate measurements will help keep your ego in check and also make it easier to keep track of your biggest catch (but it won’t hurt to embellish every now and then).

Lightwood Fish Corkscrew and Can Opener

39. Lightwood Fish Corkscrew and Can Opener

Starting with its clever design and ending with its light wood finish, this sturdy corkscrew is full of character. Features a fold-out corkscrew, serrated foil cutter and bottle opener. Each tool resembles a body part of a fish and adds personality to an otherwise necessary kitchen appliance.

YETI Portable Cooler

40. YETI Portable Cooler

The Yeti Hopper is a leakproof, portable, soft-sided cooler that’s perfect for the weekend warrior. The tapered shaped makes extended hauling more comfortable, can withstand the hazards of the wild and keep your food and drinks chilled all day. It’s an all-around quality cooler that will last a very long time that is great to take on your fishing adventures with enough room to carry drinks for two to three people.

 Fish Flask

41. Fish Flask

A true-to-life trout flask that is perfect for anyone who can drink like a fish. Casted in shimmering stainless steel this fish flask is perfect for taking a swig after a long day on the river. No fish taste either, the only thing fishy about this flask is its shape.

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