Decorative Skull Sculptures That are to Die For

Jack Of The Dust is an artist who has built himself quite a reputation over the years creating decorative skulls molded off a real human skull. These aren’t your average tacky looking ones either, they’re incredibly detailed with all kinds of skins attached to them, with some of them paying homage to popular culture icons, such as Darth Maul, Yoda, Lord Frieza, Batman, Deadpool and many others that capture our imagination.

Most of these skulls vary in weight and their cost can range from $160 to $699

red deadpool skull
golden beehive skull with bees
groot wood skull
red horned skull
zen waterfall skull
pineapple skull yellow
darth maul skull with black red paint
gold melting skull with hands
black batman skull with ears
snail shell skull
golden frieza skull
rabbit ear skull
master yoda green skull
walter white half dissection skull
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Decorative Skull Sculptures That are to Die For