Flat-Bread Pencil Case

Flat-Bread Pencil Case Holder
Flat-Bread Pencil Case Holder
Flat-Bread Pencil Case Holder
The flat-bread pencil case. Now you can wrap your brushes, pencils, scissors, USB drives or whatever your small tools are just like a delicious gyro. Try not to take a bite out of this.
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Nose Pencil Sharpener

Like picking your nose? How about picking a plastic nose with a pencil. This whimsical nose sharpener will have you sharpening pencils even if your pencil is still sharp. Better have a pen close by in case the nose sharpener gets the best of you.

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$6.98 (Details)
Kneeling Knight Pen Holder

When you’re asked to sign something, someone should bend the knee and offer you a pen so you can grace the document with your royal name. The Executive Knight Pen Holder is designed for just that, to make sure your pen is always ready for whenever a document needs your royal signature.

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Bubble Wrap Calendar

This clever calendar is 4-foot tall with the days covered in bubble wrap and each holiday marked for quick reference. It also comes with transparent color stickers to mark special dates. Only downside is that you have to resist the urge to pop more than one bubble in a single day.

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Renaissance Dagger Style Scissors

These medieval Renaissance Vintage Style Scissors are intricately detailed with red gems and floral designs. Designed to look like an art knife & sheath used in the Renaissance – simply gorgeous, elegant, sleek and makes for a beautiful display piece when not in use.

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Rainbow Pencils

Rainbow Pencils are just like regular wooden pencils, but they are not made from wood, they are made from layers of recycled paper and let you create beautiful paper rainbow sharpenings, every time you sharpen them, adding a bit of life to the typical, often messy wood and graphite shavings.

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Branch and Twig Pencils

The neat thing about these pencils is that they are made out of real tree branches, so each pencil has an adorably rustic unique look. Perfect for sketching or writing, but also make for great display or gifts.

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Katana Scissors

Never let your katana skills dull by practicing your cutting and slicing techniques with these Samurai Katana Scissors. Whether cutting paper or displaying them on your work space, these scissors styled after the iconic katana, will help you gain creative inspiration.

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Laser Scissors

Don’t know about you, but I tend to have trouble getting a clean, straight cut even if my life depended on it. Well now there is a new and improved pair of scissors that takes the guesswork out of cutting a straight line. Built in laser helps you cut, whatever you’re cutting, with pinpoint laser accuracy. Ideal for craftwork, scrapbooking,…

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Fine Dining With Dine Ink

Upgrade your social status by getting Dine Ink utensils. Watch as your co-workers look upon you with envy as you dine on that salad with these glorious master pieces. Not having to worry about the next jerk who forgets to put utensils in the bag is a plus.

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