Briefcase Portable Arcade Console

Briefcase Portable Arcade Console
Briefcase Portable Arcade Console
A true gaming jewel, these handmade portable arcade consoles are a link between the present and the past – a tribute to the golden age of arcade video games. The frame is made from solid walnut, comes with 100 classic arcade games pre-installed and can store over 10,000 emulated games.
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Portable Tiny Arcade Cabinets

Any old school gamer will agree – there is nothing quite like the experience of playing old-school games on an arcade cabinet. Sweaty palms, heavy breathing, legs like spaghetti and an audience waiting for you to fail so they can play. Now, with the mini-arcade cabinets you can feel that arcade experience without having to give up your spot. Price:
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Hylian Shield and Master Sword

An incredibly detailed Hylian shield and Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda. Perfect for fans of the series who are looking for the most accurate and sturdy replica they can get – for either cosplay or just as a show piece on their wall. Price:
Redline Immersion Racing Simulator

The Redline Full Immersion Racing Simulator provides the arcade driving experience right in your home. Compatible with PC and PlayStation 3 games and can switch from one game control to the other with a flick of a button. Features rumbling vibrations, arcade quality cabinetry, 5-channel sound and a real automotive sports seat for hours of comfort. Price:
Red Dot Sight Attachment

The HIPSHOTDOT is an attachment that can be used to assist gamers in any shooter game. Simply align with your in-game sights and attach to your television to give you an advantage in aiming with improved speed, reaction time and accuracy. Price:
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If you remember a time when beating a video game required an equivalent to a down payment on a car but in quarters, then you really need to strap this to your wrist. This Asteroids-inspired wristwatch is the perfect accessory for any retro gaming fan. Price:
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Any true Jedi makes their own ice pops themselves. They used juice as it was healthy and nourished the soul and mind. Each set comes with four saber hilts, two for the light side and two for the dark side. Each saber comes with LEDs for a light-up treat that screams tasty and awesome all at once. Price:
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Arcade Coffee Table
Arcade Coffee Table

Hidden in a slide away drawer are classic arcade controls, replete with all the buttons and knobs you could ever dream of. There’s over 100 games that come pre-installed on this arcade coffee table. The games run off a built-in Windows PC, which means you can also play today’s games, watch movies, listen to music and surf the net. Price: