Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker

Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker
You can use this little machine to make all kinds of treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker
Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker
Make cake pops, cupcakes, mini-donuts and muffins galore. It’s also faster than a conventional oven.
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Nose Power Outlet

Home accessory shaped to resemble a nose, complete with realistic nostrils and all – this one nose you shouldn’t pick though. plugs into a standard two-pronged outlet and things can then be plugged into its nostrils. Best part is that you can draw eyes and mouth around it to turn it into a complete face. Price:
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This universal socket contains spring-biased pins that retract and fasten around a wide range of bolts, nuts and sockets that can easily replace a tool box full of wrenches, pliers and more. It is the perfect gift for the handy man that has everything. Price:
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