Animated Animal Hoodies

Panda animated hoodie
killer whale animated hoodie
raptor animated hoodie
Open wide! These savage hoodies look docile in normal use, but when you cross the arms across the chest, the animal springs into life with its jaws wide open and poised for attack. These hoodies are suitable for sports, normal use, and chomping around.
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Pet Hoodies

Get your furry friend ready for chilly weather with the Pet hoodies. This pull-over hoodie is ribbed at the sleeves and hem, while the high-cut tummy helps to prevent soiling. And don’t worry about using it with a leash, because there’s a convenient leash hole for attachment. Price:
$18.09 (Details)
Crochet Tank Slippers

Finally a comfy pair of slippers that a man can wear without being ridiculed by his buddies. Put these on and enjoy the power as you proudly cross any kind of indoor terrain with ease. You can either buy the patterns to crochet yourself or buy them already made. Price:
Giant Cardboard Robot Arms

What could you do with a pair of five-foot-long cardboard robot arms? More like, what couldn’t you do? These Giant Cardboard Robot Arms will make anyone the baddest bully on the block. The kits include cut pieces of cardboard, cardboard tubes for the elbows and forearms and all the hook and loop fasteners you’ll need to put them together. Price:
Hoodies for Your Drinks – Chuggies

Yes, these are hoodies for your drinks with an amusing name: Chuggies. They’re collapsible insulated bottle hoodies for 12 oz bottles and longnecks. Chuggies make for an amusing way to hide your drinks while keeping them cool and your hands dry. Price:
Cookie Monster Motorcycle Helmet

Now what starts with the letter C? Concussion. That’s what this cookie monster motorcycle helmet will prevent. Well, it’s more of a slipcover for a motorcycle helmet, still doesn’t stop it from being awesome though. Opening the visor looks like the cookie monster is chomping on your head. Price:
Unicorn Horn and Ears Headband

Add some color and magic to your look by slipping on one of these magical unicorn headbands with adorable tiny ears and transform into a mystical horned creature. Perfect for some fun, magical photo ops. Price:
Sloth Hat With Legs and Arms

Whether you’re heading to buy groceries, a party or straight up nothing, this 3-Toed Sloth hat will sit on your head like nobody’s business. It will transmit a certain innate relaxation to its wearer; It’s a sloth hat, and is made for lounging. HARD, lazy lounging. Price:
Roodie Pet Pouch Hoodie

Roodie Hoodies are designed for the small pet lover – to carry and hang out with your small cat, dog, or other small pets. Once your pet gets a taste of just how comfy, cozy and lazy they can get, they won’t want to come out. Roodie was designed for women. Tough luck fellas (you can still wear one, no… Price:
$99.00 (Details)
Vape & E-Cig Integrated Hoodies

vapRwear hoodies have hookah-like drawstrings at their necks that connect to the included DLo3 vape systems for the inconspicuous toking of waxes, oil blends and e-juices. The vapRwear line currently offers over a dozen hoodies in both pullover and zip-up for both men’s and women’s styles. Price: