Remote Controlled Balloons

Remote Controlled Balloons
Remote Controlled Balloons
Miniature blimps on ‘roids. These overly large balloons move around with a remote-controlled tail fins that propel them through the air giving the illusion as if it’s swimming in the sea. Simply fill the Air Swimmers with helium, grab the infra-red remote and you can guide the shark or clownfish up, down, and 360 degrees around.
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The ultimate in floating refreshment – the Mega Chill will keep your food and drinks cool during your swimming adventures. No need to get out of the pool to get a nice refreshing beverage when you have the Mega Chill floating around. Can hold up to 72 cans and also includes six cup holders. Price:
$26.90 (Details)
Webbed Power Swimming Gloves

Put these gloves on and never lose another swimming race again. Made out of silicone, these webbed swim fins are designed to fit onto your hands for instant results. The stretchy, elastic aesthetic of the product enable wearers to swim like a frog by creating a more unified way to glide through the water. Price:
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Tear up the living room floor with this Ferrari LaFerrari 1:14 scaled model RC Car. Every detail from the original model has been replicated with exquisite precision and quality – from the scissor style doors to the fully functioning front and rear lights. Price:
LED Balloons

LED Balloons will create a totally exhilarating and exciting luminous ambiance that will bring out the child in you and your invitees. These Light-Up Balloons will breathe an air of happiness and glinting merriment into your celebration and parties. Price:
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Anyone for a levitating construction challenge? Hoverkraft is an old-school building game with a twist. The platform levitates by strategically placed magnets and players must stack translucent game pieces higher and higher, a little like Jenga and Tetris. Price:
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This crab is made for play and pranks; a realistic looking, high speed remote controlled crustacean that moves sideways and even moves its pincers, just like its live counterpart. Take command and watch it scurry about tapping its legs on the floor. Price:
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Hold on to your hats and defy gravity with R/C Wall Climber. A remote controlled car that does just what its name implies, climb up walls. The built-in vacuum allows it to drive vertically up walls and even on ceilings. Price:
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A remote controlled cooler, which doubles as an RC toy, but most importantly is its 30-quart capacity. This 4 wheel cooler can haul a heavy case of refreshments the easy way and have fun doing it. No more breaking your back moving a heave ol’ cooler around. Price:
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The Puttskee Portable Putting
the puttskee portable putting

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