Acrylic Plant Lamps

three green  acrylic plant lamps
downward view of various green acrylic plant lamps
single green acrylic plant lamp
A range of unique plant lamps that are designed with the botanical inspiration in mind – each leaf is shaped individually to create an organic form, adding a distinct artistic touch and the natural beauty and calming effect of plants to any living space.
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Puzzle Lamps – Infinity Lamps

Light art with endless possibilities; these decorative puzzle lamps come in kit form with 30 identical components for easy assembly of up to 15 different designs. They are made of polycarbonate plastic so you can use them indoors or outdoors. Price:
$12.99 (Details)
Small Wall Mounted Fish Bowl

A fish bowl created with design appeal and small living spaces in mind. If you always wanted a pet fish but didn’t want to commit to a full-blown aquarium, this wall mounted fish bowl is a good compromise. Only downside is that you have to change the water every few days since there is no filter. Price:
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Frosted Glass Effect Finish

Windows are great and all, but they also tend to compromise our sense of privacy. With frosted glass spray, you can add privacy without blocking natural light and without the need of sun covering drapes messing up your minimalist décor vibe. Also, with the right patterns and design, it can turn an ordinary window to something stylish and extraordinary. Price:
Popup Lighting Wall Fixture Lamps

Popup Lighting’s range of unique wall fixture lamps combines art and functionality, inspired by the magical world of pop-up books. Once turned on, the light’s reflection on the wall completes the fixture’s form, ideal for low-light environments and even as a night light. Price:
$190.00+ (Details)
Self-Cleaning Aquarium – EcoQube

The heart of the EcoQube is the aquaponics filter; this aquarium’s design incorporates a mini-aquaponic garden where the filter would be. This design creates a self-sustaining ecosystem where the plant feeds off the waste and nitrogen to keep the aquarium clean. Price:
$99.99 (Details)
Trigg Hanging Planter Vase

Fill with small plants, or other decorative objects and use as an eye-catching decorative accent for any space. Use to add a modern decorative touch and liven up your living space with indoor plants such as small succulents, air plants and other artificial plants and flowers. Price:
$22.97 (Details)
Medusae Jellyfish Lamps

The underwater grace of marine life is a universally soothing sight, and the Jellyfish Lamp beautifully captures that calming presence. These hanging jellyfish lamps are available in four different beautiful styles. Price:
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DBZ Lamps

Anyone who grew up watching Dragon Ball Z will surely love one of these lamps. Each lamp has two light modes, ambient mode (the color depends on the model of lamp) and a clear reading and working ready white light. Price:
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Living Chess

Natural beauty and modern design combine in this original chess set specifically designed for air plants. This combination results in a stunning, truly unique art piece that is both easy to play with and easy to take care of. This is a great show piece and functional chess board for any living room. Price:
$200.00 (Details)
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Acrylic Plant Lamps

A range of unique plant lamps that are designed with the botanical inspiration in mind – each leaf is shaped individually to create an organic form, adding a distinct artistic touch and the natural beauty and calming effect of plants to any living space. Price:
$85.00+ (Details)
Dad Bag Beer Belly Waist Pocket

The Dad Bod Fanny Pack is the pack that no one asked for but everyone desperately needs. It will give you that hot, sexy hanging hairy gut without spending years stuffing your face with pizza and drinking too many beers a day. The pouch has enough room to carry your typical dad items, like sandwiches and beer. Price:
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