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Acrylic Plant Lamps

A range of unique plant lamps that are designed with the botanical inspiration in mind – each leaf is shaped individually to create an organic form, adding a distinct artistic touch and the natural beauty and calming effect of plants to any living space. Price:
$85.00+ (Details)
Nuisance Cat Smartphone Mittens

These mittens pay tribute to the troublemaking charms of kitties who like to cause nuisance when you’re trying to use your devices. The nuisance mitts amplify the cuteness by putting a cat’s likeness on the palm of your hand, starring at you with big kitty eyes and a cat’s paw that appears to be waving trying to get your attention. Price:
$85.00 (Details)
Modular and Magnetic Wallet

The MagWallet is modularly designed so you can decide for yourself how many layers it should hold, allowing you to make a wallet as thin or big as you need it to be to carry your daily essentials. No matter what you need, it allows you to build your own wallet for that. Price:
$80.00+ (Details)
Multi-Tool Pen Screwdriver

The Mininch Tool Pen is literally a pop-a-point screwdriver. It comes with interchangeable caps that can be stacked inside the hollow barrel to help with all sorts of jobs, and is conveniently sized so it can be tucked away in pockets or bags. Price:
$69.00 (Details)
The Dad Shirt

The Dad Shirt makes it easy to carry your newborn around in a tiny and stretchy pouch, just slip the baby into the pouch and you’re ready to go. The stylish design gives the Dad Shirt a very approachable look and integrates into any casual outfit. Price:
$75.00 (Details)
Universal Portable Jacket Warmer

Reinventing winter apparel – Torch is a fully rechargeable three-zone universal heating system for jackets. It uses Velcro pads to stick to the inside of a coat, has three heat settings and employs a standard USB port that can also be used to charge your phone. Price:
Steampunk Tesla Analog Watch

This Steampunk-styled wrist watch is a tribute to one of science nerds’ favorite, most highly regarded inventor and engineer, Nikola Tesla. The highlights of this watch are its weathered-brass look, 2 decorative vacuum tubes with LEDs that can be turned on/off and a winding key for setting the time. Price:
$55.80 (Details)
Fiber Optics Running or Cycling Vest

The Tracer360 takes the reflective safety vest to the next level. It helps runners and cyclist stay visible with flexible fiber optic cables that wrap around the body with an X shape, making you visible from over a quarter mile away, in any direction. Price:
$69.99 (Details)
Hello Kitty Instant Film Camera

A Fujifilm instax mini Hello Kitty Edition camera that comes with stickers so you can decorate it, a Hello Kitty themed instant film and a pink lanyard. It’s the perfect instant camera for avid Hello Kitty fans and avid lovers of instant photography. Price:
$94.99 (Details)
Foldable Chair Backpack

Going somewhere where you need to carry a few things and know you’ll end up standing on your feet all day? This backpack has just the thing to deal with situations like those. It’s designed with a fold-out chair to make outdoor activities more convenient, just fold-out the sturdy chair and relax. Price:
$78.00 (Details)
Temporary Cardboard Camping Tent

A tent made out of 100% cardboard, that’s made specifically for outdoor festivals and other short-term temporary uses. You would think that a tent made out of cardboard is a bad idea, that it would not hold up at the slightest sight of rain, but they’re actually quite sturdy and could withstand a few days of constant rain. Price:
$87.00 (Details)
MacBook Vintage Leather Book Case

The MacBook BookBook case melds classic, antique books with modern technology and delivers as much personality as it does protection. It safely shields a MacBook between two hardback book covers, reinforced corners and a crush-resistant spine – the perfect disguise while offering luxury protection, cover to cover. Price:
$79.99 (Details)