24 Love Gifts and Romantic Gifts Ideas That Scream “I Love You”

1. Red heart umbrella – the perfect companion for you and your significant other for romantic walks in the rain. Get it on Amazon –

Red heart umbrella

2. A real rose plated in pure 24k gold that comes in a matching gold gift box and a certificate card for authenticity. Whoever receives this will be completely amazed at how beautiful this rose is. Get it on Amazon – $74.95

rose plated in pure 24k gold

3. A box of chocolates with individual letters on each piece to spell out your message, what will yours say? Get it on Etsy – $25.99

customizable chocolate message

4. A box of 18 piece rose flower scented bath soaps that they’ll refuse to put it to use because they won’t want to ruin the lovely presentation. Get it on Amazon – $27.00

18 piece rose flower scented bath soaps

5. A tin mailbox with a red plastic flag that can move just like the real thing – it lets you deliver a mailbox full of chocolate kisses and your own love note. Get it on Personalcreations – $24.99

tin mailbox with a red plastic flag

6. An anatomically correct heart plush, the perfect pal for medical school students or anyone who’s complained about the traditional love heart. Get it on Amazon – $22.99

anatomically correct heart plush

7. Moon Juice Sex Dust to ignite, excite and cultivate energy in and out of the bedroom. Get it on Moonjuice – $35.00

Moon Juice Sex Dust

8. A book that contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe some aspect of awesomeness about your significant other. Get it on Amazon – $9.89

why your so awesome book

9. A goofy little Lego dog and bear both eager to share some love. Featuring movable ears, arms and legs, to create loads of cute poses. Get it on Amazon – Cupid Dog and Bear With Heart $29.99

Lego dog and bear

10. Adorable bottles filled with tiny messages and other trinkets that make for a great alternative to love cards. Get it on Etsy – $9.02+

tiny message in  a bottled

11. Boobs made of chocolate; chocolate boobies, what’s not to love? Lick and bite away. Get it on Amazon –

chocolate boobies

12. I Love You Couples Pillowcases that get their message across with pillow talk. Get it on Amazon – $35.99

I Love You Couples Pillowcases

13. No one likes someone who beats around the bush, so give her this Shit Bitch Bear to tell her precisely how you feel about her. Get it on Firebox – $35.00

Shit Bitch Bear

14. Clear heart shaped cups that will fill you with love with every sip. The set includes two cups with 2 bamboo teaspoons. Get it on Amazon –

Clear heart shaped cups

15. Turn one of your most cherished photos into a stylish pallet wood version. Get it on Etsy – $10.00+

personalized pallet photo art

16. Truth or Dare, the lovers edition. This game comes packed in a red-hot box and comes with 50/50 questions and dares, perfect to add a bit of spice to your nights. Get it on Amazon – $8.76

sexy truth or dare

17. Give someone this Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger so you can send them a heartfelt message anytime with your phone. The heart on the box spins until they open the lid, if they spin the heart you get a rain of hearts on your phone. Get it on Uncommongoods – $99.00

lovebox spinning heart messenger

18. Sunny the giant teddy bear would be a wonderful gift for anyone, because who wouldn’t want an almost 7 feet tall bear to hug and use as bean bag/pillow whenever you want? Get it on Amazon – $219.99

Sunny the giant teddy bear

19. A 5 pound bar of HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Bar for someone who really, really likes chocolate. Get it on Hersheysstore – $44.95

5 pound hersheys bar

20. A jar that holds 52 scrolls for every week in a years’ time. The idea is for the receiver to pick out 1 message out every week to read. Get it on Etsy – $24.99

52 reasons i love you jar

21. Key to My Heart Cute Couple Keychain to link your hearts together whenever or wherever Get it on Amazon – $2.99

 Key to My Heart Cute Couple Keychain

22. A book that offers daily questions over three years to mark down your memories as you create them with your significant other – a sort of time capsule of your relationship. Get it on Amazon – $11.19

3 years book

23. Life-sized 13″ Enchanted Rose from the Beauty and the Beast for those that hold this movie close to heart. Get it on Amazon – $89.99

Enchanted Rose

24. Tainted Love, for anyone with a healthy sense of humor, and for the only person you’re willing to share your germs with. Get it on Amazon –

Tainted Love
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Nose Power Outlet

Home accessory shaped to resemble a nose, complete with realistic nostrils and all – this one nose you shouldn’t pick though. plugs into a standard two-pronged outlet and things can then be plugged into its nostrils. Best part is that you can draw eyes and mouth around it to turn it into a complete face.

Japantrendshop.com Price:
Ring Clock

Whether you’re averse to wearing things on your wrist, or you’re just looking for an interesting piece of tech to wrap your hands around, the Ring Clock might interest you. This practical accessory has three circlets with either blue, white or red LEDs that rotate around the stainless steel band to reveal the current time on the ring.

Ringclock.net Price:
Tactical Bacon

Tactical Bacon is fully cooked and packaged in a 9-ounce can that’s perfect for camping, zombie standoffs, and end of the world type scenarios. Each can contains 54 slices of smoke flavored perfection that’ll add some mouth-watering flavor to those MRE’s or freeze-dried food. With a 10-year shelf life, it may even outlast you.

Amazon.com Price:
$24.13 (Details)
Self-Adjust Universal Socket

This universal socket contains spring-biased pins that retract and fasten around a wide range of bolts, nuts and sockets that can easily replace a tool box full of wrenches, pliers and more. It is the perfect gift for the handy man that has everything.

Amazon.com Price:
$11.47 (Details)
3D Skull Ice Cube Mold Tray

When frightful fun is on the menu, this spooky skull-shaped ice molds are your spine-tingling tool of choice; this flexible silicone ice mold tray will mold your un-shaped ice into a 3D skull shape ice that will put the “eeeeew” back in cool.

Amazon.com Price:
$11.95 (Details)
Mic Drop Prop

The Drop Mic, an essential tool for singers, professionals, bosses or just anyone who is a smart ass and isn’t afraid to congratulate themselves on a job well done. Whenever you find yourself about to say something clever, profound or downright insightful – this prop will let you make a “mic drop” gesture after you’ve finished that triumphant spiel.

Amazon.com Price: