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Rock Climbing TreadWall

The Climbing TreadWall is a compact rock climbing wall with a continuously revolving face that lets you climb whenever the mood strikes – it is designed to deliver a full body workout while at the same time sharpen your climbing skills. Price:
$8,950.00 (Details)
Briefcase Portable Arcade Console

A true gaming jewel, these handmade portable arcade consoles are a link between the present and the past – a tribute to the golden age of arcade video games. The frame is made from solid walnut, comes with 100 classic arcade games pre-installed and can store over 10,000 emulated games. Price:
$3200.00 (Details)
Classic Wood Shoe Shine Kit

Shine like a pro with this American Shine Box kit that comes packed with all the tools and supplies a gentleman will need to give their shoes that professional shoe shine. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the finish is beautiful. The kit also comes in five different wood colors to choose from. Price:
$224.99+ (Details)
Clear Bottom Transparent Kayak

The transparent canoe/kayak is a translucent two-seat vessel that offers a unique way to enjoy the clear blue waters of tropical destinations. It’s the perfect vessel for observing the ocean’s coral reefs and marine life while gliding over water. Price:
$1,599.00 (Details)
24K Gold Razor and Gold Stand

This razor will give you that golden shave you’ve always wanted – it will bring 24-karat magic to your face. In addition to its aesthetic, it comes with a distinctive stand and comes beautifully presented in a luxury wooden black-lacquered box. It’s the perfect razor for those looking to enhance their showering routine. Price:
$419.00 (Details)
Device for High Speed Photography‎

The Nero Multi Trigger is a cool camera triggering device that responds automatically to sound and motion. The built-in sensors allow you to capture lighting flashes to glass in the midst of shattering. If you ever wanted to experiment with high-speed, stop-action photography, give this little gadget a try. Price:
$219.00 (Details)
Classic Art Cat Scratcher

Besides being jerks, cats also like to scratch stuff. Sometimes it’s their scratching post, sometimes it’s your face, sometimes it’s sometime expensive. Point is they like scratching stuff, so why not put an artistic spin to your cat’s destructive habits with the Copycat Art Scratcher that combines fine art with their need to scratch. Price:
$209.00 (Details)
Monopoly Transformers Edition

A monopoly board game that’s truly more than meets the eye. This edition is based on the generation 1 comic book and animated series and features a custom piece of Transformers art with a decorated battle armor frame that can be folded in to cover everything except the center artwork and can be hanged on a wall. Price:
$350.00 (Details)
Pillow Chair – MANET Chair

The Manet chair is like a beanbag, but much cooler. The Manet comes with a box base where 16 pillows are kept, each crafted out of foam and lined with polyester that bends and compresses to accommodate the sitter, giving you the feeling as if you’re being hugged by the chair. Price:
$3,300.00 (Details)
Star Wars Wampa Rug

A “bear rug” styled after the Wampa from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Designed to make your man/babe cave more appealing than the mountain caves of Hoth (where Luke fought a Wampa before he made a sleeping bag out of a dead tauntaun). Price:
$197.99 (Details)
Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair

The Nemo Stargazer Chair is a cross between a rocking chair and a recliner. It’s designed with a hammock-inspired aesthetic that offers a perfect spot to relax and unwind out under the stars without having to find some anchor points to set-up. Price:
$219.95 (Details)
Giant 14,450 Gumball Machine

An amusement park-style gumball machine that will keep everyone’s mouth full of gummy goodness for years. This delicious candy monument stands nearly 7 feet tall, towering over most adults and can hold 14,450 gumballs – a life time worth of bubblegum to be had. Price:
$3,171.99 (Details)