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Ring Clock

Whether you’re averse to wearing things on your wrist, or you’re just looking for an interesting piece of tech to wrap your hands around, the Ring Clock might interest you. This practical accessory has three circlets with either blue, white or red LEDs that rotate around the stainless steel band to reveal the current time on the ring. Price:
$349.00+ (Details)
Renaissance Fighter Motorcycle

Be as slick as Agent 007 himself with the C120 Renaissance Fighter Motorcycle, brought to you by the Confederate Motor Company. This machine features 190 mph of performance with 1966 cc V-twin engine, aircraft aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber chassis, and Pirelli tires all in a bold and unique “combat” design. Price:
$100,000.00+ (Details)
Industrial Robot Pipe Lamp

The Steampunk Industrial Robot Pipe Desk Lamp takes the mundane and utilitarian mobile accessories and transforms them into a humorous, functional art form. Features two grounded AC outlets, two USB charging ports, light dimmer, a smartphone cradle to hold a phone while it’s charging and a bucket full of personality. Price:
$199.00+ (Details)
Octopus Candle Lantern Holder

Display battery operated tea lights and candles in a fun, coastal way with the help of this Octopus Lantern. Holding lanterns in three of its tentacles, while the other five keeps it balanced on any surface and with a hand painted bronze finish that adds to the octopus lanterns uniqueness and beauty. Price:
Freddy Realistic Silicone Mask

If you want to dress up like a villain for your next costume party, Freddy is on the top of the list. These professional silicone masks move with the actors facial expressions for an ultra-realistic look. Don one of these masks and transform yourself into Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Price:
$499.99+ (Details)
Multi-Mission Axe

The Multi-Mission axe is more than just an axe, it can be used in a variety of ways – from hammer, seat belt cutter, pry bar and a hex nut driver. Boasting a full tang S7 steel construction and G10 handle grips, the Multi-Mission Axe will prove useful and dependable on any mission. Price:
$425.00 (Details)
Trillium Hammock

The Tentsile Trillium hammock is an open, suspended platform that offers ample space for up to three people to comfortably relax and lounging around – It allows you and your friends to enjoy the great outdoors as one. Price:
$250.00 (Details)
Flying Water Powered Bike

This Water powered bike can fly up to 25 feet, accelerate up to 25 mph and dive 10 feet for brief duration. It even allows a few tricks to be performed like a back-flip, corkscrew and barrel roll. Price:
$5,975.00 (Details)
STORY – The Magnetic Clock

STORY Levitating Timepiece is more than just an ordinary clock – complete with an exceptionally minimalist design, this clock presents a whole new dimension of time-telling. STORY utilizes a magnetic system to guide a sphere along the circumference of the face. You can customize its orbit via a mobile app or manually and also has different time-telling modes. Journey Mode… Price:
$799.00 (Details)
Star Wars Emperor Throne Armchair

Inspired by Emperor Palpatine’s throne, this streamlined, modern armchair will make you feel like a Sith lord while you watch TV or browsing the net. You’ll rule the galaxy (or house) and chant unforgettable phrases like “Anakin, could you be a good Sith apprentice and bring my slippers and a cup of coffee, please?” Price:
$1,499.00 (Details)
Eiffel Tower Radiator

Focusing as much on form as it does on function, the Eiffel tower luxury radiator will become an instant hot-spot in your living room or bedroom, with its subtle backlighting adding to its visual impact. The Eiffel tower luxury radiator lets you enjoy a landmark in the comfort of your home. Price:
$2,600.00 (Details)
Motorized Cruzin Cooler

Someone got the idea to stick a motorized cooler on a scooter, it’s a safe bet that alcohol was involved in birthing this ingenious idea. With the Cruzin Cooler, you have the ability to have a cold one anytime you wish, minus the DUIs. Comes in different colors and around a 10 mile range. Price:
$399.00+ (Details)