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Wearable Sleeping Bag

Whether it’s used for the home or outdoors, these wearable sleeping bags turns camping equipment into fashion. Alike a true sleeping bag, it includes drawstrings and zippers to make getting in and out easier. They allow you to stay snuggly while resting and being on-the-go. Price:
Mini Museum

The mini-museum brings a curated collection of some of the world’s most interesting specimens into your home. The unique sampling of significant artifacts are carefully arranged in a Lucite brick to create an artful home display ready for appreciation. From prehistory to making history, these artifacts tell the story of us. Price:
$129.00+ (Details)
Cityscape Blackout Blinds

These modern window blinds transcend their practicality and double as shadow art that take the shape of a cityscape. The illusion is created by holes in the fabric and when light streams through, the effect is that of cityscape that is lit up at night, providing an amazing ambiance. Price:
$152.40 (Details)
Finger Tapping Keyboard – The Tap

The sounds of fingers drumming on a table may soon become the sound of productivity, rather than the sound of boredom. The Tap appears as a series of connected rings, but is in fact a weareable keyboard that connects to most mobile devices. The device senses fingertips tapping on a surface, which translates these motions into text input. Price:
$149.99 (Details)
Stun Gun iPhone Case

A truly stunning case that will knock you on your knees (or back). The Yellow Jacket iPhone cases turn your phone into a weapon for self-defense. It contains a 7 million volts stun gun capable of rendering an attacker incapacitated for a short time. It also virtually doubles the life of your phone with its own external battery Price:
$139.00 (Details)
Two-Tiered Chips and Dip Bowl

Treating yourself to a midnight/midday snack of Cheetos and bean dip may seem low-class, but it doesn’t have to be. Posh it up with this stylish two-tiered dish that will make any snack and dip combination as fancy as sturgeon caviar dip with root-vegetable chips. It can also be used as an elegant non-mealtime accent piece. Price:
$174.25 (Details)
Pokeball Terrariums

These Pokeball terrariums come in two sizes: 4 or 5 inches in diameter. Each houses an environment that reflects the pokemon’s nature (or you can choose the environment). They’re basically high-quality Pokemon-themed snow globes that give you a peek inside of what really goes on in a Pokeball. Price:
$100.00+ (Details)
Bicycle Seat Folding Locks

The Seatylock is a hybrid bicycle saddle that quickly unfolds into a solid bicycle lock, eliminating the hassle of carrying a lock, and giving you some piece of mind against bike theft. It’s designed with a universal adaptor to make it compatible with any seat. Price:
$129.00 (Details)
Inception Dish Rack – Desk Organizer

Made from flexible silicone, this reproduction of a few blocks of Manhattan marries form and function. It can be used as a dish rack where dishes balance between narrow streets, while cups and glasses rest on the skyscrapers. Can be used as a desk organizer as well, with letters and other documents can be sorted between the systematic city blocks. Price:
$110.00 (Details)
Personalized Action Figure of Yourself

With the personalized superhero action figures you can play the alter ego of popular comic book characters. You don’t even need a convincing origin story, just a couple of photos of yourself that will be turned into a fully-formed 3D version of your noggin, that can attach to the action figure body. Price:
$110.00+ (Details)
Fiber Optic Table Runner

Add some extra sparkle and shine to your next dinner party with the Luminous Table Runners that emanate a subtle and mysterious light. Fiber optic strands are woven together with cloth threads to produce a luminous effect in low light conditions. Price:
$124.60+ (Details)
Japanese Landmark Memo Pads

Omoshiro Blocks look like average memo pads out of the box but as the pages are pulled an architectural model with incredible detail will start to gradually take shape. The series includes some of japans most recognizable buildings. Architecture lovers take note – or rather, get ready to take notes. Price:
$119.00 (Details)